Zeba Nassiry

I am a first year primary school teacher. 
Graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 2019.
Finalist in Miss World Australia 2019.
Featured in Vogue Australia 2020 November issue.
QLD Ambassador Australasia Pacific Women Business Council.

2019 presented me with the opportunity to represent myself as an Australian Afghan Muslim woman on a global stage -Miss World Australia. Whilst, at the end of my Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education, I found myself given the opportunity to use my voice and my presence as a Muslim female to help change the narrative. 

Many of us at times, have been unfairly categorised and given little credit for our efforts, mostly because we are the silent achievers. Becoming a role model helped me break that silence. I was able to positively inspire and empower girls of different cultures, religions and nationalities through that national platform. I was also able to help Muslim women develop a strong sense of self and have the confidence to be nothing but themselves, no matter what environment they are in. 

I now look to a brighter future, filled with endless possibilities for empowering women. I am being featured in Vogue Australia November issue 2020 with many more opportunities coming my way.

Tahera Nassrat Jehanbeen

Tahera is a confident tax agent and business advisor with over
20 years of experience.
She has been running her tax practice since 2009. She manages
over five thousand clients from different industries such as
construction, childcare, retail, health, disability, import/export,
finance, bookkeeping and accounts.
She has Diploma of arts from oversea and she received her first
Advance Diploma in accounting in Australia. Tahera has
completed her Bachelor’s in Business and Commerce major in
accounts at University of Western Sydney in 2012.
Tahera is a confident, competent and successful business
woman. She believes achieving success is not hard if you have
commitments, ownership and importance to your position and
respect the organization’s value. Tahera has many achievements
in her career.
However, she is proud to highlight that she was appointed as
women representative on behalf of British High Commission for
Afghanistan government and was a writer for Foreign Policy
Blog in USA.
Tahera is originally from Afghanistan. She started her career
with United Nations, NGO and humanitarian organizations.
She joined Medicine Sans Frontier (MSF) Belgium and Holland
in 1996 as financial controller/ executive assistant and her area
of involvement was refugee camps, and health sectors.

In 2002 she joined UNICEF (United Nations Children
International Emergency Fund) Pakistan and Afghanistan.
With UNICEF Afghanistan, she was appointed as women leader
to run so many empowerment projects for women and
encourage them to startup businesses from scratch by giving
them business plans and supervise them.
She was also the project advisor in the vaccination department
with both UNICEF Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Not too late, Tahera joined Department for International
Development- UK, and been appointed to manage a major
project of Micro-finance and worked very close with ministry of
Finance in Afghanistan.
Her target was to reduce level of poverty across the country –
Tahera moved to Australia and straight after she joined the
office of Fair Trading as customer service officer. She also
worked with Roots Project Australia, Lindsay Taylor Lawyers
and Sargent Security Group as company accountant and office
Tahera had too much to offer and she realized working in one
place is limitation to her skills and capability.

She then established her social platform in 2001 called “Voice
of Afghanistan” blog.
She started writing about her experience and life in Afghanistan.
Not too late after, she was approached by Foreign Policy
Association to write on their social platform for her country and
experience. She happily took the offer and officially was a
writer on their platform too.
Tahera is a real worrier, she wanted to expand herself more into
corporate sector and wanted to expand.
So she established her own private tax firm called “T & R
Accountants Pty Ltd” in 2009.
She made her way through “Corporate world” in private sector.
Tahera is a member of professional Association – IPA (Institute
of Public Accountants), Registered member of Tax Practitioner
board with individual and Master license, governed by
Australian taxation office (ATO) and is also an Australian
Security & Investment Commission (ASIC) registered Agent.
Tahera also is the founder of Afghan Professional Group social
plate form.
She focusses on all corporate sector of afghan communities and
help them promotes businesses and social networks and
introduce investment opportunities in the afghan communities
through connecting them to Australia trades

Tahera realized women sector is always in demand and
necessity is always a key. So she is helping women in business
and runs lots of empowerment programs through community
sources and offering her services on volunteer basis.
Tahera started to work with the Australian councils and mostly
sponsors all community programs
She is a great supporter and sponsors of peace programs around
Sydney and work closely with IWPG, IPYG, HWPL through all
their peace projects
Tahera has travelled around the world and experienced life
She picked education in different countries to expand herself.
 Bachelor of Business and Commerce at University of
Western Sydney in Australia.
 Advance Diploma of Accounts in Australia
 Career Development training in Australia
 Assertiveness development training in London,
 Team Leading & Management in Scotland,
 Leader management workshop in London,

 Tools & Procedures for Effective Development- DFID-

 Geographical Information System (GIS), and Program
Manager System in Islamabad.
She is strong, bold, proud and independent afghan women in the
business. She believes her success is not a chance but a choice
she made!

Dr. Rita Anwari

Rita Anwari is a passionate philanthropist and is deeply committed to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan and Australia where over the years she has helped the local communities, especially women in receiving education and training. Owing to her commitment to improving human lives in Afghanistan, she has now become a bridge of cooperation and understanding between Afghanistan and Australia.Rita is the Founding Director of Women
Empowerment and Leadership in Australia, an organisation dedicated to investing in the education, capacity development and welfare of women in Afghanistan and Australia. 

Rita Anwari has received an Honorary PhD from King’s International University. She possesses an impressive professional career during which she has served as the Head of International Business Development at Harvest Education Technical College. This has given her the opportunity
to represent Australia in over 25 countries; as well as run educational programs aimed at empowering children and women. Further, Rita has served as the Director of Shine Training Academy, and the International Account Executive at Access Community Services Ltd, a respected organisation that runs resettlement programs for refugees. Additionally, she is currently serving
as an International Advisor to the Minister of Women Affairs in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Further, Rita is the Director of the international Zan (Women’s) Television network, which focusses on promoting women’s rights and female empowerment.

Rita is an ardent multicultural practitioner and plays an invaluable role in strengthening the multicultural ethos of Australia. She is a wonderful advocate for Afghanistan-Australian relations, and brings Afghan socio-political and cultural understanding to Australia. Rita was the first
woman in Australia to establish recognition of learning for those who have studied in Afghanistan and now wishing to work in Australia. This step has been crucial in developing the bilateral education system between Australia and Afghanistan.Born in Afghanistan, and living in Australia since she was a young girl, Rita Anwari considers herself very fortunate to have received
a quality education and upbringing that allowed her to establish herself as a successful business professional. Now she says that it is her turn to give back to the Afghan community, and empower women around the world through education and training.During her professional career she has facilitated engagements in the political, academic, and business domains between
the two countries. This has included undertaking complex international and corporate negotiations, providing counsel to Afghan leaders on Australia and vice versa. This has allowed her to develop and facilitate memorandums of understanding and agreements to forge cooperation and collaborations in business, trade, and education. Rita has successfully hosted policy dialogues, liaised with government and business stakeholders on both sides, and
mobilised the Afghan community in Australia. Her endeavours have been centred around the betterment of women, children, and bilateral relations between her home-nations.

Notably in 2017 Rita facilitated the creation of the first Australia college, HETC, to launch in Afghanistan – making this the first college to recognise course credit from students in Afghanistan. Currently she continues to develop her project for drug rehabilitation centres for women and provide aid to the ill or vulnerable in Afghanistan. Most recently, Rita has been recognised for her contributions in the area of women’s rights and her support for Afghanistan.

In 2019 Rita Anwari became an Ambassador for Peace under The Universal Peace Federation, Australia. Rita has been awarded certificates of recognition and appreciation from sectors including the Brisbane Council in honour of her work for women and children in the Logan and wider Brisbane community. As Women Empowerment and Leadership continues to expand their projects, Rita recognises that there is still a great need for powerful voices to stand up for those in need of support. It is her hope to continue to act on behalf of her people, in Afghanistan and Australia, to further develop universal women’s rights.