Nadera Jamili

I am Nadera Jamili, an author, young political and social activist from the country of  Afghanistan. Currently, I live in the United States of America. I have completed my higher  education in Balkh University of Afghanistan and received my bachelor’s degree in English  literature. My unique political and social activities include writing historical books about  Afghanistan and in particular its indigenous people. This book is called Hazara Nation.  Through this professional writing, I highlighted the Hazara indigenous nation’s political,  social, and cultural history as an ancient social and political entity within Afghanistan’s  multicultural landscape. 

Additionally, my life experiences of civil wars and cruel Taliban regime thought me how to  stand against any modern day discrimination, injustices, cruelty and human rights violation. On the other hand, it motivates me to actively engage in political, social and civil activities  for a brighter future for all. 


Neda Olomi

Neda moved to Germany in 1979, following the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and later she moved to Chicago at age 17 and finally to San Diego in 1987 where she currently resides.
Neda works as a speech and language pathologist and loves to paint on her spare time. Her diverse cultural background has had a positive influence on her style as an artist . As a young girl growing up in Afghanistan she always wanted to draw and paint. She took basic classes in high school but mainly was self taught. ​ In November 2014, she was referred to her current instructor by a close friend. Then she started learning different techniques and styles. Her subjects range from portraits of people from different cultures to landscapes and seascapes in oils and pastels. In creating her portrait paintings, she strives to convey the emotions and moods of her subjects. ​ Neda Olomi has been working as an active volunteer with the non- profit organization Helping Hand Relief For The Poor since 2017. ​ Part of the proceeds donated to this organization will be put toward education and daily living for orphans and widows.

Rona Popal

With a degree from Cal State East Bay in Political Science and International Relations, Rona Popal worked as a social services caseworker for 18 years as a Refugee Eligibility Worker and Employment Counselor with the Alameda County Department of Social Services. She determined client eligibility for cash aid; processed applications for and authorized the distribution of cash aid; referred clients to social service agencies; advised and counseled newly arrived refugees about adjustment issues; advised program management about cultural issues relevant to effective program operation. Later she assisted Community-Based Organizations with the development of effective training and job placement opportunities for refugees; monitored community job training programs; conducted orientation sessions for Afghan clients about programs available through CalWorks; coached and counseled clients about how to find and maintain employment; evaluated client work assessments and work plans; referred clients to appropriate employment programs; established and maintained relationships with employers

Rona Popal has worked as the Executive Director for the Afghan Coalition since it was founded in 1996. She develops and evaluates programs that address the needs of the local Afghan community and Afghan women in Pakistan and Afghanistan; establishes and maintains relationships with local funders, community leaders, government agencies and social service agencies; oversees all agency fundraising; develops and manages agency budgets; monitors agency finances; supervises agency personnel and volunteers; advocates for Afghan women locally and internationally; represents the local Afghan community in local, national and international conferences; represents the Afghan community with the media; conducts community awareness campaigns to educate the broader Fremont community about the history, culture and current needs of the Afghan people.


  • Organized Afghan community response to the events of 9/11, including community-wide conferences and town hall meetings to maintain a dialog between Afghans and non-Afghans
  • Served as Afghan liaison to local and national media in the wake of 9/11
  • Founded Afghan Women’s Association in 1992
  • Founded Afghan Coalition in 1998
  • Founded program for Afghan Elderly in 1996
  • Founded Afghan Widows Program in 1996
  • Founded Women’s Health Education Program in 1998
  • Founded Women’s Domestic Violence Project in 1999
  • Participated in Congressional hearings in 1994 and 1998 on gender issues in Afghanistan
  • Co-founder of Afghan Mental Health
Awards and Recognition:

2002:   International Woman of the Year Award from the Silicon Valley Women’s Organization

2002:  Commendation from Representative Pete Stark for efforts on behalf of the Afghan people

2002:  Letter of Recognition from U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein for humanitarian work of behalf of Afghan women locally and abroad

2007: Unity Award from California

2016-Achievement award from Afghan community

2017-Nancy O’Malley’s  Hero award

2018- Alameda County Women’s Hall of Fame.

Weda Shah

My name is Weda shah. I’m an Afghan American, wife and mother of five children. Currently I am residing in Tracy, Ca with my family.

My story started, as a young Afghan refugee child in which I was forced to leave my home, friends, school and my beloved country and become a refugee living in different countries.

Often the migration to different countries were unbearable for a young child. To learn a new culture, language and make friends takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but dreaming of a better future has always been the motivation that made it easier on me.

So finally, after arriving to the United States in the 80’s, I have made it my mission to help and serve my people whom I left behind that haven’t received the same opportunities as I have to succeed.

With that in mind, I worked hard in school to make my promise to my people a reality.

While in high school, I worked two jobs to help my distant relatives, who were also refugees in Pakistan. I also saved enough to put myself through college at Cal State East Bay University, where I received my bachelors degree in criminology.

I always had a special bond with Afghanistan and my beautiful people. Therefore, as I progressed in my life here in the United States, I tried to do more for the people back home.

I traveled to Afghanistan twice a year from 2002 through 2009 to provide help during the months of Ramadan and the winter season.

As my own family grew, my kids required more of my attention, which caused my travels and support to Afghanistan to reach a limit. However, in 2016, I continued to give my support to my beloved country and people.

This time I made a plan to do more. I strived to not only support seasonally, but to start opening schools, treat sick children, provide food packages to orphans and widows, build homes, wells, mosques, and bridges. Another major goal was to create empowerment programs to families by giving them carts with products, tailoring services, and chicken and other farm animals so that they can have an opportunity to start a living for themselves.

This time I wanted to start my own charity organization, so in the years of 2017 I started to open my registered charity organization by the name of Tourette’s Foundation for Needy Children. I also expanded the organization to support not only Afghanistan, but also Africa, Myanmar refugees in Bangladesh, Yemen, Palestine, and Syria too.

Today my charity organization is running offices in Kabul, Jalalabad, Baghlan, Kandahar and soon to be Herat and Faryab.

I’m dedicated to help and serve the needy families and children in Afghanistan and other countries for as long as I live.

Life is meaningful and beautiful, when you give back to those who are in need.

Sharifa Raouf

Sharifa Raouf is living the American Dream.  She grew up in Afghanistan and left due to the Russian invasion. She traveled through Europe for 3 years and settled temporarily in Frankfurt, Germany.  It was there that she decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer, by studying and working for designers.  In the early 1980s, Sharifa and her family emigrated to the United States, moving to Denver, Colorado.  She started as an assistant designer with Anne Barge, designing custom garments. 

When she and her husband moved to California in 1985, along with two young children, Sharifa enrolled in Diablo Valley College to earn her degree in Fashion Design, which she did in 1989.  She continued her education with classes at FIDM.  Between contacts and her resume, Sharifa became the designer for the California Miss USA beauty pageant, where she created custom garments for the contestants, which continued until 2006. In 2006, upon leaving the Miss USA Pageant system, Sharifa created her own design house, The House of Couture in Walnut Creek, California.  At The House of Couture she designs and creates beautiful bridal and evening gowns, as well as men’s suits.  She also offers sewing classes both in person and virtually. Sharifa is a perfect example of having the dreams and making them a reality.

Tamana Ansari

Tamana, one of the first Rumi Awards family members, is one of the most confident female hosts with a beautiful heart.
As a host, she successfully lead Red Carpet events, Awards Nights, and high-profile events backstage management while working diligently with other Rumi Awards family members to present Rumi’s thoughts and words of love and unity, One Breath, in such that truly resonates with Rumi’s message.
Beside entertainment hosting and management, she works in a financial company and deals with sensitive client and accounts.
Her love to her people, native language, and her traditions made her to become not only active within the Afghan communities, but also a favorite personality among all those that know her either personally or through media.
She joined the Afghan Women’s Health Organization years ago and instantly became its event speaker and host.
Tamana Ansari has vigorously volunteered with high profile organizations in the community to support the orphans and poor children in Afghanistan and around the world.
Her fluency in her native language Farsi and confidence on the stage are reasons she hosts more Afghan live events than any other Afghan female or male in its native country. Her excellent skills and active participation, in addition to her passion to the Afghan people, have earned her appreciation from various sources. She is the host and producer of a few TV Shows aired to global audience via Satellite.
Tamana’s passion and aim is to empower the Afghan community, especially the Afghans youths and women, through love, art, music and sports. She always returns to stage with her beautiful voice that communicates to her audience with her mind and her heart.

Safia Hoqoq Hessabi

اسم من صفیه حسابی است. در ماه می 1951 مطابق 1329 در شیرشا مینه (کارته چهار) شهر کابل در یک خانواده روشنفکر شهری پا به دنیا گذاشتم.  پدرم مرحوم غلام سخی حسابی کارمند عالی رتبه دولت و مادرم مرحومه گوهرشاد رحیم زاده حسابی خانم خانه بود. پنج برادر و چهار خواهر دارم.

نخستین نهاد آموزشی و پرورشی من کودکستان نازوانا واقع کارته چهار بود. بعدا” شامل مکتب رابعه بلخی شدم.

از صنف اول تا صنف دوازدهم همیشه شاگرد اول یا دوم بودم. در صنف سوم دوره ابتدایه شامل (Girl Scouts) شدم وتا صنف هفتم در این فعالیت خارج از مکتب مصروف بودم.  در صنوف ثانوی اینجانب با جنبش اوج یابنده روشنفکری و روشنگری و به ویژه جنبش زنان که بخاطر برابری حقوق زن با مرد فعالیت گسترده داشت همراه و همنوا شدم. جنبش در ان مقطع از تاریخ نهضتهای دادخواهانۀ دمکراتیک ملی نقش برازندۀ در بیداری و آگاهی زنان و مردان کشور ایفا نمود که پرداخت به آن بحث جداگانه است.


 در نومبر 1969 (قوس 1347) از مکتب رابعۀ بلخی فارغ شدم و در مارچ 1970 (حمل 1348) شامل دانشکدۀ حقوق و علوم سیاسی دانشگاۀ کابل گردیدم. 

باید تذکر دهم که در اثر مظاهرات و اعتصابات متواتر دانشجویان که متوجه خواستهای صنفی دانشجویان بود ومسلماً سیاست در آن برجسته بود، دو مرتبه دانشگاۀ کابل و هر مرتبه برای مدت شش ماه مسدود شد. از این جهت در این دوره همه دانش آموزان دانشکده های چهار ساله بعد از پنج سال از دانشگا فارغ شدند، که من هم از آن جمله استم. 

در اپریل 1974 (14 حمل 1353) بحیث عضو مدیریت قوانین وزارت زراعت در بست ششم مقرر شدم و اولین وظیفه ام وارده و صادرۀ شعبه بود و به این ترتیب شروع به آموختن الفبائ اداره نمودم. در عین زمان در ترکیب هیت شعبۀ قوانین مصروف ترتیب مسودۀ اسناد تقنینی مربوط وزارت زراعت شدم. 

در اکتوبر 1974 (میزان 1353) شامل وزارت پلان گردیدم و در شعبۀ ملل متحد آن وزارت  دسک (Desk) یونیسف، WHO، و اسکاب را کار مینمودم. 

در سال 1976 (1355) ریاست موسسۀ نسوان  کمیسون حقوقی را به غرض بررسی وضع حقوقی زنان ایجاد نمود و از فارغان دانشکدۀ حقوق و علوم سیاسی که در ادارات دولتی خدمت مینمودند تقاضا صورت گرفت تا با این کمیسون همکاری نمایند. من هم از جانب وزارت پلان در این کمیسون معرفی شدم. 

بعداً کمیسون حقوقی سازمان دمکراتیک زنان افغانستان ایجاد شد. در  کمیسون حقوقی در پهلوی سایر مسائل مربوط به حقوق زن، حق حضانت طفل، و تفاهم خانوادگی در همکاری با محکمۀ فامیلی بررسی و حل میگردید که من یکی از جمله اعضای این کمیسیون بودم. بر علاوه در کمیسیون روابط بین المللی سازمان دمکراتیک زنان افغانستان نیز فعالیت  داشتم.    

در اگست 1977 (اسد 1356) با استفاده از بورسهای تحصیلی ادارۀ انکشاف بین المللی امریکا (AID) از جانب وزارت پلان به غرض تحصیلات عالی در رشتۀ ادارۀعامه عازم نبراسکا، ایالات متحدۀ امریکا شدم، وبه ادامۀ تحصیل در (University of Nebraska at Omaha) پرداختم.  

بعد از ختم تحصیل به وطن برگشتم و در بست چهارم مدیریت ملل متحد به حیث مدیر دسک (Desk) یونیسف، اسکاپ،      World Food Program (WFP)پروگرام  غذائی جهان، و فیلوشپ (Fellowship) های ملل متحد مشغول کار شدم. 

در سال 1981 (1360) به حیث معاون ریاست کودکستانهای وزارت تعلیم و تربیه ایفای وظیفه نمودم. در سال 1982 (1361) به حیث رئیس ریاست کودکستانهای وزارت تعلیم و تربیه مشغول خدمت شدم. 

در سال 1983 (1362) به حیث رئیس ریاست روابط بین المللی ادارۀ امور شورای وزیران خدمت نمودم. از 1984-1988 (1363-سرطان 1367) به حیث رئیس شعبۀ تقنین و امور حقوقی ادارۀامور شورای وزیران ایفای وظیفه نمودم. 

از سرطان 1367(1988)- الی اخیر حوت 1367(اویل 1989) به حیث رئیس دیپارتمنت قوانین بین الدول انستیتوت امور قانون گذاری وزارت عدلیه و بعداً از حمل 1368 (1989) دوباره به حیث رئیس ریاست تقنین وامور حقوقی ادارۀ امور شورای وزیران مشغول به کار شدم. 

در اول جنوری 1991 به معیت شوهرم کریم حقوق ، که از جانب وزارت امور خارجه جمهوری افغانستان به حیث مستشار وزیر مختار جمهوری افغانستان و نمایندۀ دایمی افغانستان در سازمان غذا و زراعت جهان در روم، به ایتالیا مقرر شده بود، عازم آن کشور گردیدم.

در می 1992 همراه با خانواده ام از کشور آلمان تقاضای پناهندگی سیاسی نمودم، و الی جولای 1995 در هامبورگ زندگی کردم. در هامبورگ مصروفیت من محدود به اشتراک در بعضی سیمینارهای میشد که در رابطه به وضع افغانستان دائر میگردید. در عین زمان شامل کورسهای فراگیری لسان جرمنی نیز شدم. 

از جولای 1995 تا اکنون با خانواده ام در ایالات متحدۀ امریکا اقامت دارم، و به حیث معاون معلم دریکی از مکاتب، ایفای وظیفه مینمایم. دارای چهار فرزند، یک دختر و سه پسر میباشم.

شرکت در گردهمایهای بین المللی


  • 1980: کورس سه ماهۀ اقتصاد و پلانگذاری، ماسکو، اتحاد شوروی وقت.
  • 1980: جلسه سالانه شورای زنان آلمان دموکراتیک وقت.
  • می 1983 ورکشاپهای قبل از مکتب با استفاده از فیلوشیپ ملل متحد به هندوستان و بنکاک.
  • اپریل 1983 ششمین کانگرۀ سازمان زنان قبرس (POGO) در نیکوسیا، قبرس.
  • 1983 جلسۀ اجرائیه شورای فدراسیون دموکراتیک بین المللی زنان (WIDF) در بالاتون لیک (Balaton Lake) هنگری، بوداپست. 
  • 1985 چهلمین سالگرد فدراسیون دموکراتیک بین المللی زنان (WIDF) پراگ، چکسلواکیا.
  • 1985 بنا بر دعوت کمیته زنان اتحاد شوروی وقت بازدید از کمیته های زنان تاجکستان و ازبکستان.
  • 1986 سیمینار منطقوی آسیا و حوزۀ بحر الکاهل منعقدۀ تاشکند و بازدید از جمهوریهای تاجکستان و ازبکستان.
  • 1989 ورکشاپ یکماهه در مقر اروپائی ملل متحد ژنو، سویس.
  • 1990قاهره، مصر در ترکیب هیت مشترک وزارت صحت عامه و سازمان دموکراتیک زنان افغانستان. 


تقدیرنامه ها:

  • دو مرتبه به اخذ  تقدیرنامۀ درجه سوم نائل شدم.
  • دریافت تحسین نامۀ مقام ریاست جمهوری.

Alina J. Akberzi

My name is Alina J. Akberzie I am the daughter of Azizullah And Najibah joshan . I am happily married to Assadullah Akberzie and have been blessed with 5 beautiful children. AlhamdulAllah.🤲🏼 I was in first grade when My family left Afghanistan and moved to Germany in dec 1979. I have lived in Frankfurt main Germany for about 6 years. In 1986 my family and I moved to United States in hopes of a better life and to unite with the rest of the family . I graduated from high school and attended a 3 year college. I got married In 1993 and moved to Virginia to build a life with my husband . I am very proud to be a cultured Afghan Woman who still keeps tradition and values in place .

I am a woman who seeks the best in people as well as a humble servant to god to help those in need . I’m both a business woman and a chef One of my greatest passions is my love for cooking . I have created a Instagram introducing the foods I make and share the recipes so that others can learn to make it as well . I am also an a active and helpful member in helping the ill and unfortunate . I am in the processing of creating a organization that helps people in Afghanistan to get the care they need , to get them the resources they don’t have access to and to try to help better their lives in any way I can .

I have helped many people more so children in Afghanistan to get the treatment they need to recover from whatever illness they may have however this isn’t soemthing I need to shine light on because this is my duty as a human being . I do it because I want to help . My greatest joy in life is to help all and to make sure I can contribute in trying to put a smile on each and everyone’s face.

My only wish for this life is to leave a great impact on those that I come in contact with and to leave this world remembered for who I am and what I have done to better help humanity.

Ferishta Stanekzai

My story is mildly interesting:  I came from Afghanistan to Alexandria, Virginia in 2013 on a special visa given to persons endangered by their work with the United States . The transition was horrible. I was alone in the U.S, and little money in a new country. As anyone can imagine, it was a very traumatic time in my life. For any young woman from a traditional society to find themselves without their parents arriving at an unknown place, not knowing anyone, —it’s unreal. I passed many nights remembering my family, my friends, my work… being very sad and wanting to go back.

However, time has a way of healing, even when we don’t want to heal. I was able to get temporary jobs after five months that kept me going. Applying constantly for professional jobs during this period, I eventually  found a full-time job with Democracy International in 2016.

Today my work there encompasses  advancing good governance and human rights around the world, including in my home country of Afghanistan. I support the organization’s finance office, and recently earned a master’s degree in business administration.

In addition to my employment, I also continue to volunteer for community service. With upwardly global, I have helped many Afghan immigrants by helping to conduct job searches and networking training. I have conducted three training so far two at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington DC and one at Holland & Knight LLP. The program was geared both toward first time job seekers and to those who would like to advance their careers in the right direction. The panel of experts included HR and Employment professionals, who guided the participants through the entire employment process.

Due to the lack of economic opportunities, the living conditions of some Afghans as become harsh.  They often live in tents and it is common to see children running around on dusty streets with no prospect of schooling.  From a young age they are forced to earn money for their families, often by begging or stealing.  The near constant wars in Afghanistan have left many widows in its trail who lack any means of support.  Fighting these conditions has been the major reason behind my work on behalf of Afghans both here and back in Afghanistan.  Here are a few highlights of my activities:

During the initial stages of the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, I engaged with Afghan-American and Afghan-Canadian young women in a fundraising effort for families who were most in need of food.  The overall effort was very successful.  Needy families were carefully chosen and vetted for the greatest need.  Each family was presented with two months’ worth of food.    Over 440 families in 14 provinces were helped.  Lamia Afghan Foundation and Children Without Borders volunteers, with whom we worked, completed the distribution.

In 2019, I worked again with Lamia Afghan Foundation when we worked to raise funds for flood relief in the western part of Afghanistan.  We raised thousands of dollars to help needy families with food, clothing, and rebuilding their homes.

I have also helped the Lamia Afghan Foundation (a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation) in their efforts to take children who have lost legs to the Kabul Orthopedic Organization (KOO) for custom-made, state-of-the-art prosthetics since 2018.

When I was in South Sudan in April 2017, I noticed that many children are forced to work, beg at streets or at worst run into the garbage to search for leftovers.  Most did not attend school. 

With the support of our Democracy International South Sudan colleagues, I did fundraising and supported the Straight Link Center with some food items. Straight Link Center is an orphanage in Juba that has  more than 1400 South Sudanese children in Juba (orphans, street kids, and needy kids whose families cannot support effort them). This center also has a school for the children but I learned when I was there that they faced a shortage of school stationery.

When I returned, I did more fundraising work in our US office (bake sale and a Thanksgiving fundraiser) to raise money for them. I helped the orphanage from April 2017 to October 2019.

My work is intended to show how Afghans can take care of their problems by making sure the world understands the problems Afghans face after decades of wars in which they had no choice and then by gathering resources to help address some of those issues.  There is much to do, as I saw not only in Afghanistan but also in South Sudan.  By doing this work, I hope to give an example to other Afghan women that progress is possible if we work hard enough.

Jamila Fazel

بعد از ختم فاکولته کابل در رادیو تلویزیون وقت در شعبه هنر و ادبیات شامل کار شدم
برنامه پر تیراج وقت یعنی «زمزمه های شب هنگام » را پرودوس میکردم
در روز نامه های وقت «انیس ,اصلاح ,کوچنیان ,هم مضامینی مینوشتم
با شروع تلویزیون در شعبه انسجام شامل کار شدم
با شروع برنامه های تلویزیون متصدی برنامه اطفال «سنین هفت تا پانزده ساله» بودم این برنامه را پرودوس دایرکت و گاهی هم نطاقی آنرا میکردم
با آمدن روسها مجبور به ترک وطن شدم و در سال ۱۹۸۳ به کلیفورنیا آمدم و ماندگار شدم
دو باره درس خواندم معلمی کردم و بعد بحیث اسستان دایرکتر کار میکردم
نظر به مریضی مادرم کار را رها کردم مگر هیچگاه کار های اجتماعی را رها نکردم در مسجد رنچوکوگهمونگاه درس میدادم و یگانه زن درعضو دایرکتری مسجدبودم در همان زمان که من هنوز در بورد دایرکتری مسجدرنچوکوگهمونگاه که در سرک بیسلین است ویکی از بهترین مسجد های کلیفورنیا به حساب میرود خریداری و ساخته شدومن هم عضو بورددایرکتری آن بودم
همچنان در تلویزیون های پیام ایران ,امید ایران ,لاس انجلس تاکابل ,و خراسان برنامه های متعددمثلی جوانان ,خانواده ,آیینه زندگی ,را پرودوس و اجرا میکردم
در سال ۲۰۱۲ یک کلب رابه نام «افغان کلب» در رنچوکوگهمونگاه به کمک سیتی رنچوکوکهمونگاه ساختم بنیان گذار و تا حال بحیث لیدر آن نظر به کتاب سیتی رنچوکوگهمونگاه میباشم
یکی از پنج نفر بنیانگذار «افغان امریکن کلچر سنتر AACC» استم ودر بورد دایرکتری آن بودم
ازتاریخ بر گذاری کلب افغانها یعنی ۲۰۱۲ هر سال در رسموگشت سیتی رنچوکوگهمونگاه کلب افغانها هم با تلاش بنده با بیرق ها و لباسهای افغانی در مقابل هزاران هزار امریکای رجع رفتند که باعث افتخار بنده و همه ما افغانهابوده.
فعلآ در سیتی رنچوگوگهمونگاه بحیث ادوایزر هم کار میکنم
شعر هم میگویم مگر تاحال شعر هایم را در کتاب نیاورده ام منتظر استم تا خود به افغانستان بروم و شعر هایم را در کتاب درج کنم
در یوتب هم بعضی از کار هایم را گذاشته ام
با تشکر فراوان وقت خوش با پیروزی برایتان آرزو دارم