Zinnia Sayegh is a Hollywood actress. She is passionate about acting. She has studied at and graduated from the New York Film Academy. Zinnia Sayegh is an Arab-American actress born on August 23rd, 1991.

Zinnia Sayegh has worked on numerous Films, T.V. Shows, Music Videos, live Theatrical Shows and Commercials.

Zinnia Sayegh lost her 18 year old sister Tanya 7 years ago in a horrific train accident that was all over the news. Her dream of being an actress has catapulted my ambitions to follow in her footsteps and stand-in for my sister in Hollywood.”Despite the tragedy, Zinnia is putting together the pieces of her broken heart and is launching her career in acting after extensive training at the New York Film Academy. Zinnia is also studying law and works at a law firm. 

Delly dance performer, instructor, choreographer, and event producer

Nataliya is an international award-winning belly dance performer, instructor, choreographer, and event producer. 

Over the years she grew into a well-rounded dancer, successfully competed, and winning competitions in Ukraine. She participated in multiple international and USA shows and events. 

In 2011 she established her dance studio in Chula Vista. The studio quickly grew and became successful by offering a variety of belly dance classes, workshops, presentations, and productions.

The studio grew as a recognized industry leader in teaching Raqs Sharqi, Egyptian, and Non-Egyptian Folklore, Fusion Belly Dance, as well as Body Ballet Fitness programs. 

Nataliya welcomes all lovers of Middle Eastern dance to her studio to share space in the spirit of dance.