Nicole Duffel, Rumi World Ambassador

Nicole Duffel, is honored to be the Rumi World Ambassador!
She extends her support to the Rumi Awards 2023!
She is a recognized community leader for her fundraising
support to our Veterans, Seniors and “special needs” children.
She has served as the Vice President and President of the
International Culture Connections Club providing cultural
productions honoring the diversity of our community!
She has the legacy of 8 consecutive pageant titles, and is the
reigning Regency International Classic North America 2023!
She is a pageant coach, choreographer and judge for various
national and international pageants!
She has contributed to the Foundation Assisting Seniors,
the Disabled American Veterans and the Lifelong Dreams
Performing Arts Program for special needs children.
She is the Dance Division Director for the Nevada Senior Games
which awards gold, silver and bronze medals for competition in
dance performance.
She holds 3 Gold Master level fitness certifications from the
American Council on Exercise specializing in Group Fitness,
Personal Training and Health and Lifestyle Management!
As a writer, director and choreographer of musical productions
she has shared her talents to benefit many communities.
She is the recipient of the Barry Friedman Performing Arts Award
for her contributions to theater arts.
As the founder of the Anthem Jazz Dancers in 2002, Nicole directs
and choreographs performances for the “Spotlight Spectacular”,
a Las Vegas community senior benefit extravaganza,
the Aging Wellness Expo and many other benefit events!
She has been invited to sing the national anthem at many international
and cultural events in Las Vegas!

Rane Rose, Sr. Strategic Advisor

Rane Rose is a multi-talented individual with a passion for performing arts, business, and music. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting, a Master’s in Communication Research, a black belt certification in Six Sigma, and is currently pursuing graduate studies in Business and Management at Harvard Division of Continuing Education.

With years of experience in corporate sales and leadership across diverse industries, Rane has worked at an executive senior level in media sales, publishing, fintech, telco, and business process outsourcing. She is currently one of the partners at RMG, a New York-based (and registered) BPO company specializing in digital marketing and virtual assistant services, brands Sam & Co Pets, SERAPHIM,– more HERE.

In addition to her business ventures, Rane is also an entertainment personality. She is set to co-host Beyond the Influence TV show starting this May 2023 on one of the top 3 broadcasting networks in the US.

Previously, she was the main TV host of the business & politics segment of Vegas Unlimited TV aired on The CW channel 29, co-anchored a Sunday morning news show, and co-hosted a family-oriented cultural and performing arts TV show, both aired on Vegas TV KTUD 25.

She is an editorial model, gracing the front covers of fashion magazines (Parlay and AVANT Garde Magazine), voted as one of the Top 100 Women of Influence by MyVEGAS Magazine four years in a row, and was featured in RealVegas Magazine as one of the Top 50 Business Leaders in Las Vegas (2022), and consistently a part of Top 100 Women Who Wow.

Rane has appeared in several local TV commercials representing and endorsing cosmetic brands, skincare, health, and wellness products, and clothing lines.

Rane Rose is also a classical crossover singer with a soprano vocal range of 4 1/2 octaves. She has performed LIVE with world-class tenors and just released her fourth album, Un-Angel (March 2023). Prior to this latest album, Angel of Music (her third) features 13 classical crossover songs in 5 languages; Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, and English. All songs are available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon and all major music distribution.

Rane Rose is a collaborator and values sharing and learning from others. She is open to new projects and ventures and encourages collaboration to achieve personal and professional growth.

Abe Nasser, Founder/CEO

Rumi Awards is an award technology platform with streamlined work-flow to create and produce events, conventions and world-class awards shows with over a million followers for the past decade. Rumi Awards’ consistent message of love to make the world a better place for all brings professionals, artists, celebrities, media-entities and businesses together.

Rumi Awards, a transformation agent for “Ancient Vision with Modern View”, is based on the thoughts of the 13th-century poet, jurist and “progressive” theologian “Rumi” (Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī (جلال‌الدین محمد بلخى), born in Balkh, Afghanistan. . The Rumi Awards family promotes love to the world community through a universal theme focused on the principles of humanism, arts, literature, fashion, music, business, dance, sports and love itself.

Rumi Awards family has produced 20 world class awards shows with high quality & standard that have captured the attention of world’s largest news organizations including BBC & Deutsche Welle among others and excited millions of social media fans in over 50 countries since its launch in April 2013.

BBC Coverage of Rumi Music Awards 

Rumi Awards live & on-demand platform delivers live experiences across social platforms, IPTV Networks, OTT providers and web services. From real-time audience engagement, high impact voting and live events, Rumi Awards live social media programs and channels will generate record breaking results.

Rumi Awards media production platform has powered the most demanding and high-profile participation initiatives with record-breaking results. The Rumi Awards family helps investors, vendors, partners and customers connect and reach millions of new audiences and generate realistic opportunities across many platforms regardless of geographic areas.

Rumi Awards founded based on the core principles of Rumi by software engineer, entrepreneur, and author of Ten Thousand Prayers, Abe Nasser, to bring unity & love to the world community through a universal theme based on the principles of humanism, arts, media, literature, business, music, fashion and love itself.

Pam Phan, VP APAC Relation

Pam Phan is a philanthropist, entrepreneurs, investors and Vietnamese
community leader in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She is holding a number of positions including current title holder as Ms. Senior Vietnam Universe.

Former Ms. Global Nations Ambassador 2018.

Her mission is to provide extraordinary women around the world whether they are single, married, separated, divorced or widowed, a path to showcase their accomplishments and talents, make new friends and
enjoy the experience and challenges of a beautiful life.

– Vice President American Asian Pacific Islander at Rumi Awards
-Founder/CEO of American Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce. Her job is to connect with the Vietnamese from all over the countries to promote their business through the Chamber of Commerce and to give back
to the community and becoming recognized philanthropists is one of the most important goals.
-Charter President at Las Vegas Vietnamese-American Lions Club to Empower Volunteers to serve their communities from Our Lady of Lavang church to Buddhist Temples in Las Vegas, meet humanitarian
needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions Clubs.  Las Vegas Vietnamese-American Lions Club is the only one Vietnamese Lions Club upholds their foundation’s
mission to provide services and resources that enhance the quality of life to those who live, learn, work and play in our city and around the world and it’s member of Lion Clubs International was Charter on July
21, 2017.  From then until now we have served more than 50,000 people from the City of Las Vegas, Vietnam and the Philippines.
-Culture Ambassador of CNY in the Desert.
For  12 years in Las Vegas She has helped to keep the
Vietnamese Culture through CNY in the Desert.

-She joined Asian Pacific Islander Council (APIC) and immensely proud to serve as Head Chair (2022-2024).
The Mission is to create, provide and operate a Las Vegas based nonprofit organization that serves, helps, supports and shares valuable data and resources. It includes local, county, state, national website links for educational, health care, civil, small businesses,
corporations and government information and resources that benefits the needs of the APIC communities with opportunities and results.
Recognized and received an award from the City of Las Vegas as PAM PHAN DAY 2019
Recipient of the David Chow Humanitarian Foundation Award 2021
Recipient of 10 Asian Pacific Islander Outstanding Mothers of the year

Nataliya Saborio

Delly dance performer, instructor, choreographer, and event producer

Nataliya is an international award-winning belly dance performer, instructor, choreographer, and event producer. 

Over the years she grew into a well-rounded dancer, successfully competed, and winning competitions in Ukraine. She participated in multiple international and USA shows and events. 

In 2011 she established her dance studio in Chula Vista. The studio quickly grew and became successful by offering a variety of belly dance classes, workshops, presentations, and productions.

The studio grew as a recognized industry leader in teaching Raqs Sharqi, Egyptian, and Non-Egyptian Folklore, Fusion Belly Dance, as well as Body Ballet Fitness programs. 

Nataliya welcomes all lovers of Middle Eastern dance to her studio to share space in the spirit of dance.