Boxwood Insurance’s ‘Best in Business Award’ recognizes John … –

As a second-generation locally owned business, Andrews Transportation Group has a reputation in the community for providing the highest quality service to its customers. John Bearden, longtime sales consultant, embodies the company’s commitment to outstanding care and service, and was presented with a “Best in Business Award” from Boxwood Insurance on Monday. 

Patrick Baggett and Blake Lambert of Boxwood Insurance know how important excellent customer service is to run a successful business. After forming their insurance agency on a foundation of quality relationships and service for their clients, the two decided to recognize other businesses and individuals in Williamson County who provide exceptional customer service through a monthly “Best in Business Award.”

“We established the award for locally owned businesses who go above and beyond for their customers,” Baggett said. “And Andrews’ and John Bearden’s names are synonymous with that.”

Bearden has been with the automotive group for nearly 40 years and has seen it passed down from the first generation of ownership to the second generation. In that time, he has tirelessly helped countless customers in their car-buying processes. 

“John’s hard to beat,” said Nelson Andrews, president of Andrews Transportation Group. Since he began his career at his family’s company, Andrews has shared an office wall with Bearden, allowing him to witness Bearden’s spirit and care for his customers firsthand over the decades. 

“The kind of culture that you all have always had is a culture that makes this place work,” Andrews said to Bearden and his wife, Patty. 

Having served as an important member of the company for so long, Bearden has played an influential role in establishing customer service expectations. And almost anyone who has bought a car from him can attest to his care and dedication. 

“What sets John Bearden apart is his unwavering commitment to doing what is right,” Debbie Henry, CEO of the TMA Group, said in her letter to nominate Bearden for the award. In the 18 years that she has known Bearden, Henry said she has witnessed a commitment to integrity and honesty in all that he does. 

“John holds himself to a high moral code and consistently acts in a manner that is fair, just and honorable,” she said. “He is not only a role model but also an individual who inspires trust and respect among his peers.”

Bearden humbly accepted the award to applause from his co-workers and friends. “This is really the work of the dealership,” he said. “It’s been a great ride for me thanks to all the wonderful customers and gracious staff.” 

To nominate a person or business for Boxwood Insurance’s “Best in Business Award,” go to and submit your form. 


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