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Nilofar Ayoubi
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Nilofar Ayoubi

Nilofar Ayoubi was born on March 1993 in a Pashtun family in Kunduz, Afghanistan.
She was only seven years old when she stood up on her own feet and helped her father, dressing like boys, to accompany her father.
Since her childhood, she felt in love with reading and writing. She graduated from high school at age sixteen and has been passionate about reading popular novels and romance. 
Eventually, she discovered herself and started writing scripts for theatrical plays and romance. She has  reflected the hardship of  Afghan women through her writings in novels and theatrical plays. She became the youngest candidate of the best scriptwriter in Afghanistan's first International theatrical play festival where she was selected for the best theatrical scriptwriter and best actress in theatrical play-act.
After graduation from high school, she started teaching in an institute. At the same time, she was volunteering as a teacher for the kids with financial difficulties.
Nilofar studied English literature and Gynecology (midwife) so she could help other females. She is traveling to the remote villages of Afghanistan to help mothers give birth to their babies and at the same time distributing aids to the needy people. 

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