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Massouma Sadar Hossaini
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Masooma Sadat Hossaini

1. Graduated of Physical Education as a bachelor degree in Higher Education Kabul University on 2008, 2. Diploma of Business management in American university of Afghanistan on 2011, 3.Diploma of Mathematics in Samayan high school 2002 4.Certificate of personal trainer in American Council on Exercise( ACE) on 2020 5.Student of marketing management in BCIT college in Vancouver, BC 2019
• Certificate: 1. Dan 2nd certificate from world taekwondo federation 2014 educator certificate from Sport Sans Frontiers( SSF) 2009
• Awards:
1. Successful business woman award by Ms. Lura Bush one of past United State of American first lady in 2015 in the Dallas States,
2. Successful woman in Afghanistan award by president of National Olympic Committee on 2013,  
3. Successful woman in Afghanistan award by president of Afghanistan on 2015, 4.Successful woman award in Canada by Diversity association on 2018
• Activities in Afghanistan
1. Work with EMDH: 2005-2006 • Work as Sport educator, to help and worked with orphaned children in the platform I could work and help more than 200 children
2. Work with Sans Sport Frontiers (SSF): Within (2006 –2009): • Within my study in Kabul University to get my bachelor degree, I could get a job in Sans Sport Frontiers (SSF), which is a French organization in the field of Sport. My position was as Project manager / project coordinator in many SSF projects, with following tasks and responsibilities: 1. violence against women by sport, 2. Health awareness for sport teachers in Kabul and Parwan provinces,
3. Health awareness and physical education  for trainers in National Olympic Committee,
4. Alzahra Cultural & Sport Association (ACSA) 2009 - Ongoing:
• Due to a real need of women I tried to establish my own association under the name of ACSA, which was the first sport association for women in Afghanistan, especially in Kabul city.
• Opened first branch of ACSA on October 2009 in 13th district of Kabul
• Launch and implement a women and sport project founded by USAID funds within the year of 2011
• Encouraged women to sport for having better life and Created different teams such as; Taekwondo, Fitness, Gymnastic, Karate, Football, Volleyball, and Kickboxing.
• Run the project of reducing drugs through sport with ministry of fighting against drugs, in Kabul city with funds within the year of 2012
• Created different tournaments for women and kids to encourage them to sport activities and health within the years of 2010-2015
• Hold Alzahra cup every year in National Olympic Committee that have more than 500  athletes participants within the years of 2011-2015
• Celebrated of different events and programs such as international women’s day (8th of March), Mather’s day and New Year among the women and their families in the years of 2010-2015 • Opened 2th branch of ACSA for women in Kart e char, district nbr 3, Kabul city on 2012. • Opened 3th branch for women and children in Saray-Qazni district nbr 3, Kabul city on 2013.
• Opened 4th huge and different branch with close collaboration of ABADE project with USAID funds in pol-E-Sorkh in the district nbr 3, Kabul city on 2014.
• ACSA students could get colorful medals from various sports competitions such as (gold medal from gymnastic students , bronze medal from taekwondo team), • Introduced and learned of more than 100 students of Afghan national teams. • Host the first women’s sports fashion show in Afghanistan on 2014 • Interviewed with national and international media such as BBC, Al Jazeera, Washington post, domestic media , Female coaching network, 4.Work with Ashiana organization as a sport teacher for orphans 2008-2009
Activities in Canada 1.Work with ALDO company as an assistant manager 2018- 2019 2.Work with Sportcheck as a sport advisor 2019-2020 3.Organized international women’s day celebration in Vancouver, Canada 2017 4.Host/Organized Arts and crafts exhibition in Vancouver, Canada 2018 5.Organized business workshop for immigrant women in Vancouver, Canada 2019
1.Participated in IVLP(International Visitor Leadership Program) in Washington DC 2014 2.Participated in Peace through of Business Program in Dallas 2015 3.Participated in Business conference in Islamabad, Pakistan 2015 4.Invited in Rumi Award in Las Vegas 2015

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