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Alina Akbari
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Alina J. Akberzi

My name is Alina J. Akberzie I am the daughter of Azizullah And Najibah joshan . I am happily married to Assadullah Akberzie and have been blessed with 5 beautiful children. AlhamdulAllah.🤲🏼 I was in first grade when My family left Afghanistan and moved to Germany in dec 1979. I have lived in Frankfurt main Germany for about 6 years. In 1986 my family and I moved to United States in hopes of a better life and to unite with the rest of the family . I graduated from high school and attended a 3 year college. I got married In 1993 and moved to Virginia to build a life with my husband . I am very proud to be a cultured Afghan Woman who still keeps tradition and values in place .

I am a woman who seeks the best in people as well as a humble servant to god to help those in need . I’m both a business woman and a chef One of my greatest passions is my love for cooking . I have created a Instagram introducing the foods I make and share the recipes so that others can learn to make it as well . I am also an a active and helpful member in helping the ill and unfortunate . I am in the processing of creating a organization that helps people in Afghanistan to get the care they need , to get them the resources they don’t have access to and to try to help better their lives in any way I can .

I have helped many people more so children in Afghanistan to get the treatment they need to recover from whatever illness they may have however this isn’t soemthing I need to shine light on because this is my duty as a human being . I do it because I want to help . My greatest joy in life is to help all and to make sure I can contribute in trying to put a smile on each and everyone’s face.

My only wish for this life is to leave a great impact on those that I come in contact with and to leave this world remembered for who I am and what I have done to better help humanity.

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