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Arzo Yusuf

Arzo Yusuf is the Host and Executive Producer of The Sexy Boss Babe Podcast focused on relevant female centric topics that matter; like self esteem, overcoming adversity, body positivity, 

empowerment, motivation and success. She interviews notables and celebrities from time to time. The Sexy Boss Babe podcast is available on iTunes, Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeart Radio and over 20 platforms with reach in over 15 countries. Season 3 just launched with an interview with Suze Orman that her long time fans tout as, “the best interview of Suze Orman I’ve ever heard.” 

She was raised in San Diego, California. She later moved to L.A. where she attended the University of Southern California to study Accounting. Her work history has mostly been as an Operations Director for start ups to mid-size companies, Business Development as well as consulting on process improvement strategies for billion dollar corporate, legal and insurance companies. 

In her personal life, she left an abusive relationship which was a turning point for her changing her life completely. Arzo became a STAR reader doing story time for kids at the L.A. County public library and volunteered with a charity helping foster youth. She attributes her volunteer work to a significant part of her healing process. She became a certified sailer, took classes at the New York Film Academy and became a public speaker for: Heal The Bay, an advocacy and awareness speaker for survivors of domestic violence, women empowerment and business. 

For 4 years, she was President of the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization called, Angels Nest where they provide homes, food and resources to youths that have aged out of foster care. She learned how broken the foster care system was and that 1/3 of the homeless, 90% of incarcerated inmates and 80% of sex trafficking victims were all foster youth. She helped build out their programs, created a life skills curriculum for the youth as well as helped raise over $10,000,000. Angels Nest is currently partnered with the Cal State University system providing financial subsidies to former foster youth that are attending college. 

This work inspired her to Produce and Direct a documentary about the problems youths face in the foster care system and possible solutions called, Breaking The Cycle. Chronicles of Social Change, the largest national publication on foster care, wrote a feature article which helped the film gain national attention in the foster care community. In 2019 a fundraiser/film screening was held in Beverly Hills at the Wilshire screening room. 100% of ticket sales were donated to Face Forward who provides facial reconstructive surgery for survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking. The film has been released for public viewing on 

In addition to podcasting, Arzo is CEO & Founder of Sexy Boss Babe a new indie beauty brand. The brand promotes women empowerment, positive body image and inner confidence. The company is also a social enterprise and a portion of proceeds of each product is donated to charities that help foster youth and survivors of sex trafficking. Sexy Boss Babe started a grassroots support and awareness campaign called the #SBBMOVEMENT. Purchases and sponsorships support this demographic to receive life skills/self esteem workshops, donations of product and comfort bears are given to foster kids during court hearings through their charity partners; CASA Los Angeles, Journey Out, Penny Lane, Glamour Gowns and Angels Nest.

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