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Atefa Tayeb

Atefa Tayeb is political activist and education specialist with over a decade of experience in community empowerment, educational development, and political engagement. Atefa holds an MA and B.Sc. in Public Health from Kabul University of Medical Sciences and a master’s in Public Administration from Payam Noor University. Atefa was a candidate for Parliament in 2018 and is recently chancellor of Isteqlaluniversity. She also served over the past four years as the vice chancellor of administrative of this University. 

In April of 2019 and July 2020, Atefa was elected to Peace Grant Assembly (Loya Jirga) by people and later she was elected as the Secretary of Peace Assembly by the members. Most recently, she was selected as an Afghan leading woman by the European Union and also participated in the peace process conferences in Paris.  

 Tayeb is a member of Afghanistan’s Women Movement run by U.S. Institute of Peace and worked as head of Women Leading Committee (WLC).

Atefa is the founder of a Private School & co-founder of Isteqlaluniversity and as well as has served as advocacy consultant to the Ministry of Public Health. She serves as member of the editorial board of Al-Beruni international Journal of social sciences and also was a contributor to Afghanistan’s 8 Am Newspaper. 

‎‏Atefa has written a book on Violence against Women, titled, “Sang o Saar.” She was awarded the young leaders award by FIFA in 2019.

She has been chosen as Deputy Minister, Finance and Admin at state ministry for parliamentary affairs in August 2020.

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