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Belqis Roshan

Mrs. Balqis Roshan Balqees Bilqis Roshan was born 1974 in Farah Province and is the daughter of Sarfraz. She lives in Kabul and is a 14th Class Graduate. She is a sociology graduate as well as a current law student. She worked as a teacher and headed a hospital in Farah province. She is not affiliated with any party,

She is a member of the Legislative Affairs, Justice and Judiciary (Legal Monitoring, Human rights and Corruption Campaign) Commission.
Bilqis Roshan was a staunch critic of the Karzai Government. She said 20110315: "Afghan government, in particular Peace Council, supports suicide bombers. On one side they kill our people, our children and on the other side we bewail and ask for the release of their members." She accused the Peace Council of providing secret support to the Taliban.  He called on the Defense Minister to resign due to the bad security in Afghanistan.

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