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Diva Patang
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Diva Patang

Diva Patang, television presenter and PhD student, is considered an inspirational and role model for many Afghans around the globe. She is known for her courage, humanitarian activities and openly defending the rights of Afghans, and raising awareness of the ongoing social issues and challenges within Afghanistan. 
Diva who left Afghanistan as a child and become a refugee in Britain, is currently pursuing her PhD at University of Buckingham as a first Afghan female in the subject of Intelligence and Security Studies. She has a master’s degree from Brunel University and she also studied Executive Leadership at University of Oxford.
Diva Patang has published few articles at Cambridge University journal and a is book forward writer. Her three other articles are due to be published at Dutch ***Jounalist and Oxford university journal. 
Recently Diva became the first Afghan female sport presenter for state-owned network, Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) to cover cricket World Cup where she not only presented on live TV but also presented Afghanistan language and cultural on international stage.
She also led the television coverage for local cricket league called Shpageeza. She was the first female to present the whole league from the league of cricket which is a male dominated game. Her presence encouraged more women spectators and encouraged women journalist in sport presentation and journalism. 
In 2020 she became the first Afghan women entrepreneur who sponsored a young team in Shpageeza Cricket league. Diva’s intension was to support young players and encourage more businesses to do the same.

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