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Donia Gobar

Dr. Donia Gobar

Subjective Biography:

            I am Donia Gobar (Ghobar/ Ghubar) am a simple person, born and raised in Afghanistan, the youngest child of Mir Ghulam Mohamad Ghobar/Ghubar /Gobar (https://sites.google.com/site/mgmghobar/) and Salia Gobar.  Our parents taught us by example to have empathy, be honest, excel in knowledge, be brave, be free minded with goodness and decency. 

The authentic history of our country showed me the fragility of superficial notions, the persistence of core humanity, the brutality of those thirsty for power and wealth, and more.

 Our hardworking honest, people taught me how to try to “make the best of it”, to cry and laugh, and love music and poetry -- despite life’s hardships.

The ignorance and cruelty of the powerful, the tyrant and the greedy, the misery of the weak and the poor, my belief in human goodness and dignity, my parents’ wisdom and their life examples, the untouched beauty of nature, and an inert desire motivated me to tell stories of life as I felt. I marveled stone sculptures that told ancient stories.

I loved books! As examples Victor Hugo’s Le Miserable brought tears in my very young eyes; Howard Fost's Spartacus made me clench my fists with desperation; To Kill a Mocking Bird helped me teach my students the difference between right and wrong; the words by Sadeque Hedayat and Dostoyevsky, Gorky, Balzac, stirred my heart deeply with emotions.  Alice in Wonderland and THE STORY OF SHAKUNTALA made my thoughts travel in magical places, and…and many more.

The true scholars and philosophers with complex and deeper outlook in life and truth, such as Hafiz, Badil, Khayyam, Rumi, Marx, Ingles, Ibn Cinna, Al Bironee, each leaving me with humility and wonder.  It felt as if I was tasting the clean and fresh waters from magical fountains of truth-- flowing out of the heart of unreachable mountains.

Thus, as a grownup professional I started my journey in life.  Sat on top of a rock in Tangi Sayeedan over a river and imagined the steps to enrich my medical capacity with being more than Ob&Gyn to provide better and broader medical help to the needy.   A “moving life” in places in need of a woman doctor, and a truck full of medicine… The dream left its place to the sounds of gun and violence, misery and captivity.  I left the place of my future dreams, to stay free, raise my voice, and never ever let anyone force me to fade under the darkness of violence and ignorance – voiceless!

Objective Biography:

Following documents are a mirror to further steps I took in life, and through the off-paths, due to possible or impossible availability, I became “me”: 

Educational Background:
Doctor of Medicine
Ob &Gyn  :  University of Kabul School of Medicine, Kabul, Afghanistan
Internal Medicine: Urban KrankenHouse, West Berlin , Germany

Master of Public Health                                                                                                   University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Teacher’s License                                                                                                             Massachusetts Department of Education, Boston, Massachusetts

Alternative Teaching Certificate                                                                                       Kansas Department of Education, Topeka, KS

Other activities:
Publication of Aya, a short story (Ten Top Short Stories of 1994)

Speaker: International Women’s Day – Sweden (Women the Victim vs. Women the Humanbeing)


Published The Invisibles; A Collection of Art & Poetry  https://www.amazon.com/Invisibles-Collection-Poetry-Artwork/dp/0595293034

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