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Fariha Easar

Fariha Easar is a lawyer, civic activist and writer. She received her BA in Law & Political Science from Kabul University and an MBA from Kardan. For the past 12 years, she has worked with the justice institutions and delivered services for the justice sector development, criminal justice system reform, capacity building for justice sector professionals, ministry-level organizational assistance, Institutional transparency reinforcement and public service improvement.
As a justice specialist, she works to support organizational capacity building, legislative drafting and case management development for the justice institutions. She was also involved as a gender, child and human rights section lead, legal advisor, senior legal advisor and team leader at the Justice Sector Support Program, JSSP/INL.
In addition, she had responsibilities as a legal trainer and legal fellow in various international and local organizations besides teaching at a number of girl schools where she had been involved in many different cultural, social and volunteer activities.
As an activist, she has worked to promote peace and reconciliation, human rights as well as advance the welfare of women, children, youths and destitutes in Afghanistan. She continues to push for women’s political equality with a much broader vision of women’s rights. She believes that women need to pursue equality for themselves before they could seek it for others. She advocates for the reform of discriminatory laws, regulations, policies, programs and the expansion of educational opportunities for girls and children. She further worked with different organizations, local and regional networks and civil society leaders to address issues interlinked with peace, justice, governance and security.
As a writer, she has conducted many field researches on women’s rights, gender inequality and disabled women’s challenges at the workplace and has written several articles about women’s rights, feminism and Islamic Feminism in particular.

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