Frozan Haidari

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Frozan Haidari

Frozan Haidari is the Manager of Child Development at Window of Hope (WoH) private care home, fully funded by ECI. When she was six months old, a rocket hit her home in Kabul, killing the entire family except for Frozan and her grandmother. Though she survived the blast, Frozan became an orphan and amputee in the same night. When Frozan was seven, her grandmother passed away. By the age of ten, Frozan found herself at Window of Hope, where she was not only physically cared for, but intellectually and emotionally nurtured. Over time she grew and flourished into adulthood, and eventually became the housemother and Manger of Child Development at WoH, where she oversees the care of dozens of children with disabilities.

Frozan is a humanitarian worker in her own right, using her savings and her spare time to assist families in need in her community. Jani Gul is a single mother who was reunited with her three disabled children after her husband told her he had taken them to a care facility, but instead, had abandoned all three on the streets of Badakhshan. Khatera is a young girl with a disability who desperately needs kidney surgery. The Khudadad children were abandoned by their mother after their father died, and are now being looked after by their grandparents who are both living with a disability. Mrs. Qaderman cares for her thirteen children alone, four of whom are blind, as she is estranged from her husband due to his drug addiction.

Inspired by Frozan’s spirit of giving, and to support the work she initiated, ECI launched the Frozan Fund in 2019, which provides funding each month to support these families and others like them.

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