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Pam Phan, VP APAC Relation

Pam Phan is a philanthropist, entrepreneurs, investors and Vietnamese
community leader in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She is holding a number of positions including current title holder as Ms. Senior Vietnam Universe.

Former Ms. Global Nations Ambassador 2018.

Her mission is to provide extraordinary women around the world whether they are single, married, separated, divorced or widowed, a path to showcase their accomplishments and talents, make new friends and
enjoy the experience and challenges of a beautiful life.

- Vice President American Asian Pacific Islander at Rumi Awards
-Founder/CEO of American Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce. Her job is to connect with the Vietnamese from all over the countries to promote their business through the Chamber of Commerce and to give back
to the community and becoming recognized philanthropists is one of the most important goals.
-Charter President at Las Vegas Vietnamese-American Lions Club to Empower Volunteers to serve their communities from Our Lady of Lavang church to Buddhist Temples in Las Vegas, meet humanitarian
needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions Clubs.  Las Vegas Vietnamese-American Lions Club is the only one Vietnamese Lions Club upholds their foundation’s
mission to provide services and resources that enhance the quality of life to those who live, learn, work and play in our city and around the world and it’s member of Lion Clubs International was Charter on July
21, 2017.  From then until now we have served more than 50,000 people from the City of Las Vegas, Vietnam and the Philippines.
-Culture Ambassador of CNY in the Desert.
For  12 years in Las Vegas She has helped to keep the
Vietnamese Culture through CNY in the Desert.

-She joined Asian Pacific Islander Council (APIC) and immensely proud to serve as Head Chair (2022-2024).
The Mission is to create, provide and operate a Las Vegas based nonprofit organization that serves, helps, supports and shares valuable data and resources. It includes local, county, state, national website links for educational, health care, civil, small businesses,
corporations and government information and resources that benefits the needs of the APIC communities with opportunities and results.
Recognized and received an award from the City of Las Vegas as PAM PHAN DAY 2019
Recipient of the David Chow Humanitarian Foundation Award 2021
Recipient of 10 Asian Pacific Islander Outstanding Mothers of the year

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+1 (510) 552-2676
Sterling Street
Dublin, CA 94568

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