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ذبیح الله

Zabihullah Behjat

Zabihullah Behjat is the director of media & public relation of the Kindness Sharing Project in Afghanistan. He was born on August 24, 1995, in Panjshir, Afghanistan.  Currently, he resides in Kabul, Afghanistan with his parents and siblings. Behjat is the only family member who has earned a university degree. It was during school time that Zabi’s family noticed his keen desire for learning and explore the world through books. He was the topper of his class and graduated from the school, achieving 97% marks. Later on, after successfully passing Kankor (General examination for university entrance), he got into the Journalism and Mass Communication faculty of Herat University, Afghanistan.

University was full of opportunities and achievements for Behjat.  That allowed him to explore working opportunities for different media outlets such as print and broadcasting media, while pursuing his under graduation. His journalistic career started when he joined Baran, a local radio station in Herat. For two years, he worked there as the news reporter and news anchor. Moreover, as he was interested in writing, he was working as a regional reporter of Hasht-e-Subh, the most prominent Daily newspaper in Afghanistan for 8 months. His reports are available on the newspaper’s website.

Furthermore, he was the co-founder of IRSA, the first students’ magazine in the Journalism and Mass Communication department. Under his supervision, IRSA was published two times successfully. Besides, he was the senior editor of Pegah, the Journalism Department’s Weekly paper.

In addition, he participated various seminars and training courses to enhance his Journalistic skills. Having multimedia skills aided him in voluntarily working for different organizations supporting Afghan journalists as a photographer for two years.

Moreover, he is interested in video journalism. He has made a plethora of short films and documentaries. He has made a documentary showcasing Afghanistan’s Psychiatric patients which has nearly seventy thousand views on YouTube. His talent in Video journalism paved the way for him to join Ariana Television Network and work there as a news reporter for six months. He made an investigative report that was named the best and only field investigative report on respected TV.

After University graduation, Zabi started his first official job as PRO of a member of the Afghanistan Parliament in 2017. In 2018, he joined Kindness Sharing Project. Most of the products that Behjat has produced for KSP are available online. He describes his work experience in KSP as exceptional and effective. Working for needy and helpless people, supporting poor families, helping children to be educated, and aiding homeless people, are the outcomes that Behjat has taken from working with KSP. As Kindness Sharing PRO, Behjat has traveled to different cities of the country to distribute the Project’s aid to needy people. As of now, he is working for KSP with his teammates, and trying to help people to be educated and safe.

It is noteworthy that Behjat has been working on a program named Children and School for three years for Kindness Sharing Project (KSP). In this program, he is filming children working on the roads. After thorough research, he discovers the neediest children and helps them to go to school. With the sponsorship of KSP, many children can study in private schools through the Child and School program. Most of these children are being named as the top students of their classes in their schools. Besides schooling, Behjat helps these children to improve their life skills too.

Behjat speaks Farsi, Pashto, and English. He is skilled in writing, editing, filming, and management of media. Behjat usually reads books, produces social media content, and makes short films. He loves to play snooker, chess and soccer. Currently, he is preparing himself for the TOEFL Test. His life motto is learning new ideas and helping people. Behjat wants to become a great leader in the future in order helps those needy families to become educated.





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