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Zeba Nassiry

I am a first year primary school teacher. 
Graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 2019.
Finalist in Miss World Australia 2019.
Featured in Vogue Australia 2020 November issue.
QLD Ambassador Australasia Pacific Women Business Council.

2019 presented me with the opportunity to represent myself as an Australian Afghan Muslim woman on a global stage -Miss World Australia. Whilst, at the end of my Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education, I found myself given the opportunity to use my voice and my presence as a Muslim female to help change the narrative. 

Many of us at times, have been unfairly categorised and given little credit for our efforts, mostly because we are the silent achievers. Becoming a role model helped me break that silence. I was able to positively inspire and empower girls of different cultures, religions and nationalities through that national platform. I was also able to help Muslim women develop a strong sense of self and have the confidence to be nothing but themselves, no matter what environment they are in. 

I now look to a brighter future, filled with endless possibilities for empowering women. I am being featured in Vogue Australia November issue 2020 with many more opportunities coming my way.

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