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Dr. Nabila Nekzai Paymani

Dr. Nabila Nekzai was born in the beautiful landscape that is known as Kabul, Afghanistan. Shared with her 3 siblings, her father and mother were extremely well aversed in education and travel. Her father, was an international diplomat and a high-ranking financial ministry member that thrived off challenges and exploring the world and bringing the greatness of it back to his own homeland of Afghanistan. Her mother, was a well-experienced teacher that instilled the value of education on all of her children and pushed them to get post-secondary degrees. Due to the learnings and success of both parents, Dr. Nabila and her three siblings all graduated as Stem Majors and highly well desired members of society.

Due to her father's schedule of demanding travel, Dr Nabila found herself committing to her education in multiple places. When it comes to elementary and middle school, she split time between Kabul and other various middle eastern countries such as Kuwait. However when it comes to high school and further education, she graduated from Zarghona High School with the highest honors. After a lot  of decision making, she ended up choosing Kabul University, due to its highly well-regarded medical program, and ended up graduating with honors yet again. She then got a scholarship for her residency in New Delhi, India in the field of Gyenecology and Obstetrics.(OB/GYN).
Due to the high violence risk in the country of Afghanistan, Dr Nabila and her family immigrated to Germany where they would further their lives. She completed advanced medical tasks regarding OBGYN and was also working in the medical field. 
After conquering Europe, She decided that moving to North America was the next logical step. In Toronto, Canada she graduated with even higher honors at the critically acclaimed York University and worked at some of the best medical clinics in the world. Due to better job opportunities, she moved to the United States of America where she exercised her medical professionalism in medical research and OBGYN. 
After living out of her homeland for many years, she finally decided to contribute massively to her homeland by opening up her organization (Justice Seeker's Human Rights). She deemed herself as a voluntary non-profit health speaker and dedicated almost all of her off time to reach out those that are of need. After a period of time, various  Afghan News Outlets reached out to Dr. Nabila for her opinion on some very crucial things, such as breast cancer and COVID-19. 
During her spare time, she loves writing poems that are reminiscent of her homeland. She also is a big supporter of Women's rights and their stride to equality. Due to her level of diversity she has picked up and learned over 5 different languages that she incorporates almost everyday. Other hobbies include defined gardening, world-wide travel and further gaining knowledge through books. As of recent, she is close to completing her book called "Letters of a Daughter To Her Father", which expands on her struggles and challenges she faced after leaving her home country of Afghanistan.

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