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Nabila Noori
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Nabila Noori

Currently, Nabila Noori is working with an international organization, and previously, she has worked with different  national and international organizations.

Ms. Noori has a strong academic and professional background holding a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Human Resource Management). She has more than ten years of professional working experience in the field of Management, Human Resources, Public Relation, Advocacy and Program Management. She is also expert  in Sales and Marketing. 

In 2013, she has completed her undergraduate studies in Business Administration in the Economic Faculty of RANA University in Kabul Afghanistan. Most recently, she is pursuing  Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) at the American University of Afghanistan.

In addition, she has also worked in different managerial positions at national and international organizations.
Furthermore, Ms. Noori is a well-known person in women's rights and a civil society activist in Afghanistan.

In addition, Ms. Noori is a member of Afghan Women Network, Women Regional Network and member of Women Committee for Aga Khan National Council in Afghanistan.

She has also attended many international conferences in different countries such as Pakistan, India and etc...

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