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Nahid Olumi

Mrs. Nahid Sidiq Olumi, daughter of Mohammad Isaac Olumi, was burn in
Kandahar. She completed her secondary schooling in Kandahar and her higher
education in Kabul. In 1979, she started to work in the Central Statistical office
in Kabul, where she trained in computer programming. Then, in 1985, she was
promoted to be manager of the International Relation Department of the Bakhtar information Agency. Becoming a member of the Journalistic Association of the Republic of Afghanistan was an opportunity to learn and enhance her natural journalism skills.

She has lived in the Netherlands for the last 20 years, where she has gained
qualifications in management and administration from one of the state institutes.
In addition, she has been granted a certificate in this area by attending seminars on methodology of working in social organizations. Nahid Olumi had been secretary of the Afghan association of the Netherlands from 2010 to 2019, which is a franchise foundation in the Netherlands.
In the field of literary and creative writing, she started her literary collaboration
with Banu Magazine in 2007. First, she was a member of the editorial board,
then, for eight years, she was the managing director of Banu Magazine, which is a print media in Europe.
For several years she has been involved in research and writing in Pushto and
Dari languages for BANU magazine, and she also translates articles from the
Dutch language for that magazine and other media. She pursues her cultural
activities as the chief - editor of Banu magazine that has been published
quarterly in Europe in last eight years.
She is an author as well and has written a book about elite and pioneering
Afghan women and their achievements. The first volume is printed, while the
work continues on the subsequent volumes.

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