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Negina Yari
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Negina Yari

Negina Yari Biography

Negina Yari is a civil society activist Education and Peace expert, who leads the Afghans 4 Tomorrow as a Executive Director, and founder of Afghan women initiative Center which advocates for women participation on peace negotiation, women empowerment, gender and education in Afghanistan.
Negina Yari Born in Ghor Province of Afghanistan By profession she is graduated with a BA from the Bachelor Administration Faculty (Management) Department at Dunya University Afghanistan (UMEF SWISS), pursue her education in (MBA) Master of Business Administration with Kardan university of Afghanistan.
Negina Yari, has contributed to the Afghanistan civil society development in more than 10 years of her active work and engagement.  have worked with a wide range of civil society stakeholders and INGO including the Human Rights Research and Advocacy Consortium, Afghanistan Development Association, Afghans 4 Tomorrow, Afghanistan Peace House, Creative Associate International, Afghan Children Read USAID Funded Project, Afghanistan Culture House and Afghan Work Force Development USAID Funded Project.
She has been a delegate to the Open Government Global Summit 2019 Canada, Nepal Model United Nation Conference 2017, women and change program Turkey 2019, women and peace negotiation India 2019, Women peace Leaders program Sri Lanka 2019.
She is fluent in Dari, Pashto, Urdu, and English with strong interpersonal communication skills and ability to engage in high-level discussions.
Negina Yari interested for Sport, reading, travel and politics, while she traveling more interested to meet with new people and create a network to have more knowledge and experience of new people and countries. 

Negina Yari
Executive Director of Afghans 4 Tomorrow 
Elected Member of Afghan Women Global Advocacy Group London



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