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Robaba Mohammadi

Robaba Mohammadi daughter of Khodadad was born on September 30th 2000 in Malistan  district of Ghazni province of Afghanistan. From first her parents found that their daughter’s legs  and feet were not able to move and she is disabled. In 2003, with approximate security, traveled  to Kabul with all family, in the hope treating her. She visits many doctors and hospitals. for five  years they take her to the Red Cross Hospital to make her healthy.

Unfortunately, the result was  not very effective. One day Robaba Mohammadi, who was walking slowly by taking the wall,  suddenly lost her balance and handed down. This issue caused that she shouldn’t go hospital any  more, She spent many years alone at home. She was observing her brothers and sisters that they  were going to schools with great interest, because she didn’t have the ability to go, she was so  upset. but again she did not surrender, and with the help of her younger sister, she learned the  alphabet and toke the pen to her mouth and began to write. Her enthusiasm for drawing and  painting makes her create images. In the middle of 2015, she decided to follow painting. She  started her painting without any guidance or trainer, and she was master of her own, the world of  design and painting become her world. She passed long hours with her paintings and drawings.  But it was about a year and a half that she could found many friends and followers in virtual  world, and her career and painting was shown in many national and international medias. she  currently founded a cultural and artistic center in April 2019, called Robaba cultural and art  center, which is active in the fields of painting classes, music, poetry, and handicraft classes of  psychological and motivational seminars, she intended to help other people with disabilities  through the foundation. 

Exhibitions :  

  • 8 th festival silk road “Bamyan ” 6-9 /OCT/2016”
  • Afghanistan Center at Kabul University (ACKU) 23-25 NOV 2016
  •  American embassy at Kabul 5 AUG 2017
  •  The Asia foundation , Kabul 10 Mar 2018
  •  Herat city exhibition , Jul 2018  British council “Kabul-Afghanistan” 9 OCT 2018
  • 2 nd Mirsin international accessable art festival 11-16 OCT 2018
  • Made
  • in Afghanistan exhibition, Abu Dhabi Nov 17th 2019  Never painting exhibition, UAE ( Dubai ) Oct 2th 2020  

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