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Sara Assefi

Sara Assefi

Sara Assefi an Afghan-American from Southern California. She is a fashion designer, designing clothing in addition to artistry. She studied Fashion Design from the FIDM-Art Institute of Los Angeles with a minor in business from University of Phoenix. Before achieving her goals she worked with companies like Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Burberry. In 2017 she launched her own brand SSHADOOW, creating modernized Afghan/American designs. Sara expanded her knowledge in art, specializing in Digital art creating realistic portraits and art creations. During her studies she created a social media platform. She has been in Afghan/Afghan women who has been a great influence on the Afghan Community. Social Media following witnessed the dedication put in. Sara replied back to her followers with hope, communicating and motivating them on how to start a business. She’s been a big influence on not just the Afghan community in America but the Afghans living in Afghanistan. She has been giving jobs to widows in Afghanistan to produce handmade embroidery fabrication to produce apparel in the US. Her company SSHADOOW also gives back to a nonprofit organization in Afghanistan HRF providing education to children in Afghanistan and Afghanistan world Foundation, working side to side with Sonia Nassery Cole in film and productions.

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