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Shughla Karzai

Shughla Karzai

Shughla Karzai was born in Afghanistan to parents in the Educational field. Her father was a school principal and her mother was a teacher. She spent the first thirteen years of her life in Kabul but had to flee to Pakistan with her family. After almost three years of struggle in Pakistan, they eventually settled in the United States. When she went back to Afghanistan after several years she used her knowledge of both Afghan and American cultures to bring hope and new life to those who had none. She sold her wedding jewelry and with that money Shughla opened the door of opportunity for orphans at SANA Orphanage. It has been fourteen years since SANA Orphanage opened its doors.
Shughla was very selective in choosing only the best possible staff. She made sure to choose people who are devoted and righteous to work with the orphans. She travels frequently to Afghanistan to insure the funds she has raised for the Orphanage is put to good use. The children of SANA have made remarkable progress. They receive quality education and are also taught necessary everyday life skills. During one of her visits to Afghanistan, Shughla made a point to visit one of the prisons where women and children are kept. She obtained permission to take two of the children from the prison to the Orphanage. Within a very short period of time these two children began to blossom in the Orphanage. Soon after, Shughla accepted six children with physical disabilities to her Orphanage. One of the six children was in critical condition. Shughla took the child to India for medical care which was not available in Afghanistan. The Orphanage has been compelled to change locations several times due to financial and security issues. This puts an additional strain on everyone involved. But that only increases Shughla’s determination to continue to move forward despite the challenges.
Shughla has divided her time between her personal life in the United States and her life with the Orphans in Kandahar Afghanistan. Naturally this brought its challenges for her biological children.Shughla made sure to turn this challenge into an opportunity and made SANA their family project with each family member taking part in improving the Orphanage. Shughla is proud of how her children handled it as the champions that they are. SANA Orphanage celebrates the accomplishment of one of the boys at the Orphanage who is in the process of completing the last year of Law School and will soon be a District Attorney. Another young man finished his pharmaceutical degree and plans to go back to his village to help. Another two boys are high school graduates and waiting for the Kankor exam.
While the Orphanage is Shughla’s main focus she has devoted herself to other charity causes as well. Shughla believes its her duty in life to lend a helping hand where she can. So far she has managed to bring 50 wheelchairs to Kandahar for disabled families. She also helped build a water well in remote areas to provide families and children with for clean water. Shughla has also managed to send containers full of supplies to be distributed among the poor. In the past 14 years Shughla has frequently visits families in remote villages personally to help however she can. Meanwhile she has also completed several side projects in different villages in Kandahar.

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