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Tamana Shinwari

My name is Tamana Shinwari, 
I am from Baghlan, I am living in Berlin, Germany, I am the founder of the New Face platform in Germany. I am a women activist and Youth Ambassador. I worked with MRC (Majro Research Center) as a Political Analyst.
In the 2018 parliamentary election I was a candidate from the Baghlan Province in the North, and have been involved in the election in procedures and electoral processes in Afghanistan. I have been in close contact with the Independence Election Commission of Afghanistan and having full knowledge of the Afghanistan electoral processes and other observatory organizations which are working in the field of election and the strengthening of democracy in Afghanistan.
At the same time, I received a one-day training which was conducted by the European Union to the candidates of the parliamentary election of 2018, to educate and to inform the candidates of the election procedures and the electoral processes of the country Afghanistan.
Prior to this I have also been active in school as a teacher and I have grasped the skills of transferring knowledge and capacity building among the students. At the same time the management of the school.
Furthermore, I have also worked as Deputy Director to the Zan Tv , and also worked as the
capacity building advisor to the GIZ Afghanistan where I conducted workshops, trainings and other relevant programs which is essential for the capacity building of the government employees in Baghlan province in the north. The main focus of my activity in the province was also to conduct awareness programs for the public employees in order to build the capacity to ensure better service delivery to the people of the province. Other than the awareness I was also involved in assisting the employees in matters of technical like the financing, logistics, and data collection for the better management of future programs at the particular departments.
At the Agha Khan Foundation, I have been involved in the translation of text from English to the local languages and vis-versa, which has further equipped my language proficiency.

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