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Wida Shah
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Weda Shah

My name is Weda shah. I’m an Afghan American, wife and mother of five children. Currently I am residing in Tracy, Ca with my family.

My story started, as a young Afghan refugee child in which I was forced to leave my home, friends, school and my beloved country and become a refugee living in different countries.

Often the migration to different countries were unbearable for a young child. To learn a new culture, language and make friends takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but dreaming of a better future has always been the motivation that made it easier on me.

So finally, after arriving to the United States in the 80’s, I have made it my mission to help and serve my people whom I left behind that haven’t received the same opportunities as I have to succeed.

With that in mind, I worked hard in school to make my promise to my people a reality.

While in high school, I worked two jobs to help my distant relatives, who were also refugees in Pakistan. I also saved enough to put myself through college at Cal State East Bay University, where I received my bachelors degree in criminology.

I always had a special bond with Afghanistan and my beautiful people. Therefore, as I progressed in my life here in the United States, I tried to do more for the people back home.

I traveled to Afghanistan twice a year from 2002 through 2009 to provide help during the months of Ramadan and the winter season.

As my own family grew, my kids required more of my attention, which caused my travels and support to Afghanistan to reach a limit. However, in 2016, I continued to give my support to my beloved country and people.

This time I made a plan to do more. I strived to not only support seasonally, but to start opening schools, treat sick children, provide food packages to orphans and widows, build homes, wells, mosques, and bridges. Another major goal was to create empowerment programs to families by giving them carts with products, tailoring services, and chicken and other farm animals so that they can have an opportunity to start a living for themselves.

This time I wanted to start my own charity organization, so in the years of 2017 I started to open my registered charity organization by the name of Tourette’s Foundation for Needy Children. I also expanded the organization to support not only Afghanistan, but also Africa, Myanmar refugees in Bangladesh, Yemen, Palestine, and Syria too.

Today my charity organization is running offices in Kabul, Jalalabad, Baghlan, Kandahar and soon to be Herat and Faryab.

I’m dedicated to help and serve the needy families and children in Afghanistan and other countries for as long as I live.

Life is meaningful and beautiful, when you give back to those who are in need.

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