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NOVI, Mich. (WXYZ) — Former President Donald Trump made his first appearance in Michigan today since announcing his third presidential bid last year.

He was the keynote speaker at the Oakland County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

GOP leaders say they had to get a bigger venue and say it’s all thanks to Trump’s appearance tonight.

The crowd erupted in applause when Trump took the stage at the Suburban Collection Showplace.

“I’ve seen all the presidents up until now in my lifetime so I wanted to see him live. I voted for him twice,” said Jerry Wagner, an attendee.

Trump was awarded “Man of Decade” by the Oakland County Republican Party.

Two members from Congress, Lisa McClain, and John James, took the podium to endorse the 45th president of the United States.

Something that is needed, as Trump struggles to garner widespread support from the party.

“Trump is a fighter. He loves our country. We can trust him. He’s the only one that can lead us. He’s an incredible leader. He’s proved to be an incredible president and we need to come out and support him,” said Joel Steinberg, an attendee.

Trump touched on a variety of issues affecting Michigan’s economy.

He told the crowd the push to promote electric vehicles would mean the “decimation” of the state’s auto industry.

“It is bad for Michigan and is it very bad for the unions,” Trump said.

Trump’s appearance in Michigan and his praise came just 12 days after he pleaded not guilty to 37 federals charges stemming from his alleged mishandling of classified documents.

“Two weeks Joe Biden ordered his top political opponent to be arrested,” Trump said, “that’s me.”

Michigan democrats blasted out this statement ahead of his visit.

“Trump’s MAGA agenda that Michigan Republicans are trying and failing to carry out here is deeply out of touch with the values of Michiganders,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes. “Whether it’s attacking abortion rights, undermining our elections, or advocating for policies that hurt the middle class, Trump and his radical agenda have no place in our great state

Wagner has long been a supporter, but given the pool of Republican candidates this year, he’s undecided.

“I think it is time for a new opportunity. I think it is time for a new generation. I’d like to see some new blood in the party and some changes,” Wagner said.

However, Trump is hoping to regain a foothold in Michigan, leading to a possible second term.

“With your help, your love, and your vote we will win Michigan and make America great again,” Trump said.

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