Georgian drama ‘Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry’ wins Sarajevo Film Festival Best Film Award – Outlook India

The curtains closed on the 2023 Sarajevo International Film Festival on Friday night, and Elene Naveriani’s poignant Georgian drama, “Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry” won the title of Best Film. The prize includes a cash award of €16,000. This compelling film chronicles the journey of an independent woman in her forties, whose extramarital affair sparks a profound existential awakening. Alongside the Best Film award, Ekaterine Chavleishvili, the luminous star of “Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry,” was honored with the prestigious Best Actress award at the 29th Sarajevo festival awards ceremony.
In the main competition, a total of eleven films competed, and Mia Wasikowska’s jury, which comprised MoMA Film Head Josh Siegel, actor Zlatko Burić, actress Danica Ćurčić, and director Juraj Lerotić, generously recognized a diverse array of talent.
The coveted Best Director honor was awarded to Ukrainian filmmaker Philip Sotnychenko for “La Palisiada.” This gripping crime drama unfolds the intricate investigation of a colleague’s murder by two old friends, a police detective, and a forensic psychiatrist, set against the backdrop of western Ukraine in 1996, mere months before Ukraine’s historic signing of the European Convention on Human Rights.
The festival also took a courageous stand on the pressing issue of violence against women, initiating a public discussion on artistic and media representations of this harrowing topic. This discussion unfolded on a day marked by national mourning throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, following a shocking triple-murder suicide in the town of Gradacac. The Sarajevo festival altered its regular schedule to make room for this important discussionThe coveted Best Short Film award, paving the way for consideration at the Oscars, was presented to Flóra Anna Buda’s “27.” This animated gem follows the life of a 27-year-old woman who yearns to break free from her monotonous existence while still residing with her parents.

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