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Rumi Awards: Women Best Humanity Award 2021Only one candidate will be awarded with the Rumi Humanity Award 2021.


  1. بانو فرشته یکی از مبارزین استن که همواره جهت بهبودیت زندگی مردم اش فکر میکند تا جای که من شاهد استم در این راستا فعالیت های چشم گیری را انجام دادند

  2. My name is Borni from Tunisia, I worked with Ferishta in Afghanistan for some months and I discovered that I am working with a special girl with very nice heart and very open mind.
    For Ferishta, helping the other is not just a donation or a support but it is as a morning prayer that she is doing with love and respect.
    Dear Ferishta, you are a unique girl with a unique character and heart.
    I wish you all the best and more success.

  3. بانو فرشته ستانكزي يكي از شجاع ترين دختران است كه به خاطر كمك كردن به ديگرا زياد زحمات را متحمل شده و الگوي است به دختران ديگر .
    از زحمات بانو فرشته ستانكزي

  4. Miss Stanikzai is brilliant, hardworking and an au fait person in what’s she doing. I have read somewhere that “the happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others”. And as we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness. Miss Stanikzai, I believe has reached that point in life where she has prioritized others, all in need, than her own self and she is admirable because she does it with passion and integrity.

    Wish you luck, success and prosperity.

    Ellaha Momand

  5. فرشته ستانیکزي یوه ریښتونې او تکړ جینۍ چې تل د افغانانو بیوزلو کورنیو د خپګان شیبې په موسکا بدلې کړي بریاوې ورته غواړم

  6. Ferishta Stanekzai is a tough, ambitious, girl and She know exactly what She want. She always makes inspire people around the way she makes ready herself to help others. Best of luck.

  7. I vote for Ferishta Stanekzai. She’s a role model to me. She always volunteers to support a good cause both in Afghanistan and in other countries.
    Thanks Mursal

  8. در جریان هستیم که بانو فرشته ستانکزی یکی از بهترین بانو هایی هستن که برای کمک رسانی برای فقرا هر چیزی که از دست شان می آمد دریغ نکردن تشکر
    از زحمات تان بانو سکانکزی

  9. From the day I met Ms. Fereshteh, I have always found her a philanthropist, a civilized person, a human rights defender, a supporter of women’s progress in all aspects of life, and a woman who fought for the eradication of cultural poverty in general. Women are considered.

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