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Lancaster Farming won the Sweepstakes with a division-most 19 press awards in the Keystone NewsMedia Association’s annual journalism contest.

Lancaster Farming’s editorial work during 2023 was judged by the Wisconsin Press Association against all niche publications in Pennsylvania regardless of circulation. This is the second consecutive Sweepstakes for Lancaster Farming, which won 13 awards last year, making it Pennsylvania’s top publication in its newspaper class.

“These awards represent the hard work of exceptional journalists committed to keeping its audience well informed,” said Stephen Seeber, executive editor. “I’m proud and fortunate to work with this inspired editorial team.”

  • Jul 19, 2023

A collection of award-winning content from Philip Gruber’s tour of Western Pennsylvania fairs.

A collection of award-winning content about the dairy industry from Philip Gruber.

Farmers are on alert with a convicted murderer on the run in one of Pennsylvania’s leading agricultural counties. Police say Danelo Cavalcante, 34, stole a farm vehicle, and corn fields across central and northern Chester County have been swept up in the two-week search for the Brazilian national.

Some people believe eating cheese leads to experiencing nightmares. But is it true?

Whether you make lists or you don’t, you can’t avoid seeing them all around you.

It seems like more and more large-scale warehouses are going up on former farmland. But does anyone actually want them there?

The Game Commission has already made deer hunting accessible in one form or another for most of the year, but that still hasn’t kept deer from causing crop damage.

Losing a few chickens to a fox is one thing, but when coyotes start stalking your calves, it’s time to take action.

Mike Tabor credits his resilience at 80 to a life shaped by farming, social activism, and rediscovering the connection between Judaism and agriculture.

A collection of award-winning content about rural life from Dan Sullivan.

Greg Stott takes his brother Jeff on a magnet fishing expedition from various bridges along the Schuylkill River in Chester County, Pennsylvan…

A collection of episodes from the award-winning Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast. 

“Fermentation Journeys” author Sandor Katz shares stories and ferments at sustainable ag conference.

Isaac Zama runs an incubator farm in Maryland growing specialty crops while also experimenting with technology he can transfer to farmers in Africa.

Cameroonian refugees running an agricultural co-op in Nigeria recently received trained from Penn State Extension on how to grow mushrooms. 

Local governments have tools to direct where massive fulfillment centers are placed. But these land-use decisions, including whether a farm should be developed, are often complicated by state law.

A collection of award-winning content about avian influenza from Philip Gruber.

An ag trade deficit is hardly a sign of American decline, our columnist writes.

The competition between meat and imitation meat should not be decided by stifling innovation and outlawing non-hazardous products. The meat industry should win customers in the marketplace.

A fictional conversation with the devil reveals ideas about guns in America.

Megan Edwards fulfills her childhood dream of being a pack rider in the Montana wilderness and guiding fly-fishing trips while exploring the rugged beauty of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

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