Most Influentials

What is Rumi Most Influentials? 
Rumi Most Influentials is a platform where individuals from different contries or a country are registered by public, Rumi Awards management and/or candidates themselves. They will eventually be scored by 3 voting systems as possible nominees and winners.
How are the votes calculated at the Rumi Most Influentials? 
The voting process is calculated based on the following weight: 
Public Votes Online & Live: 25%
Rumi Awards Management: 25%
Judges Votes: 50%
How to Register? 
Simply register and then click on Dashboard  menu where you can Submit Listing or submit your profile and details. Make sure to upload high quality pictures and share your social media links with Rumi Awards.
I can't complete with the above instructions, is there any step by step procedure to complete my profile submission?
Yes, please follow the Step by Step / How To!  
How many candidates can be a part of Rumi Most Influentials? 
Up to 1000 women and men  from a single country can participate.
Where and when will the acutal event(s) be held? 
The Rumi Most Influentials will be held in the beautiful city of  Las Vegas from September 14th to September 16th, 2023. The event will be live to global audiences and only the invitees/candidates will be able to participate at the actual event. 
Is there any fee to participate at Rumi Most Influentials? 
There is no fee to register or for candidates to attend the event; however, for the audiences to watch the event live online, there is $10/family/Night or $25/Total-3Nights ticket fee. 
How will be the experience online for audiences? 
We will utilize the newest, greatest and most advanced technologies to stream and broadcast this amazing event to global audiences. We aim to have broadcast quality event with at least 10 people including hosts, artists, judges and presenters, all at the same time, on screen with almost 4K quality video. The event will be captured with at least 9 cameras to make sure the audiences get the quality and standard they deserve.
What experience does the Rumi Award production team have with live broadcast and streaming? 
The founding team of Rumi Awards has over 2 decades of media and entertainment experience with high profile companies including Cisco, Verizon, AT&T, Google, Intel, Fastly and Lumen Technologies among others. The has ten years production experience with over 20 high quality and world class events. The founder of Rumi Awards was responsible for the live streaming of Super Bowl 2019 which was one of the most successful streaming event in the history of Super Bowl- millions watch the event live! 
How can I participate as host, presenter or production team members? 
Please register and select volunteer as part of your registration steps.
Will there be any performances in this event? 
We will have high profile singers, dancers, and fashion entities from around the globe to showcase in this event.
Who are the judges and how do they get selected at the Rumi Awards?
Eleven judges with reputable background and experience will be selected to make this world-class event an enjoyable experience. 
What will the finalist win? 
The Rumi Awards team will promote the winner(s) on its social media sites with close to a million followers. Other reward options including monetary reward is being worked and will be announced accordingly.
When will the formal advertisement and announcement will start? 
Rumi Most Influentials will be announced on Rumi Awards Facebook page as the team gets closer to the live event. 
Where will the live broadcast be aired, streamed, and syndicated?
The broadcast will be streamed live on your browser once you register and pay as audience- no additional system/device is needed.
Please come back on this website as we will keep updating this site with new and valuable information.