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Improving the work-flow for Medicare wellness visits.

Developing human resources guides for new team members.

These are just two examples of the work of Carle Health team members who were honored this week with Pinnacle Awards. Carle Health honored six team members with 2023 Pinnacle Awards because of their commitment to ensuring that the patients and team members they serve have a best-in-class experience every time they interact with Carle.

“The Pinnacle Award was created to honor team members in clinical, business or supportive roles who demonstrate excellence every day,” Theresa Green, MSN, Carle Experience executive director, said. Each winner received a nomination by a peer or leader and was selected by the Reward and Recognition Committee because they demonstrate excellence in their daily work, serve as outstanding mentors to their peers, commit to learning through professional development, engage within their teams and the organization to offer solutions and demonstrate Carle Health Values.

During the evening of June 12, friends, family and team members of this year’s honorees gathered with them at Carle BroMenn Medical Center in Normal, Carle at The Fields in Champaign and Carle Richland Memorial Hospital in Olney to receive their awards. These regional celebrations were livestreamed and recorded for other team members to experience.

The 2023 Carle Health Pinnacle Award winners are:

  • Alison Jones, RD, LDN, health and wellness coordinator, Health Alliance
  • Heather Greenwood, RT(R), regional physician liaison, Olney Service Area
  • Jim Kelly, director, Epic Ambulatory Programs, Carle Health
  • Andreia Marrissette, Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Carle Foundation Hospital
  • Lynnette Haller, Revenue Cycle team lead, Carle BroMenn Medical Center
  • Amy Roady, corporate communications partner, Carle Health

Learn more about the 2023 honorees’ impact to the organization and community:

Alison Jones, RD, LDN, health and wellness coordinator, Health Alliance, coordinates in-person and virtual health and wellness offerings for Health Alliance members. She pivoted from in-person to online education during the COVID-19 pandemic and developed Health Alliance’s social media presence with Hally. She has helped create educational videos, from how to properly take your blood pressure to how to train to run a 5K.

Heather Greenwood, RT(R), regional physician liaison, Olney Service Area, presents a welcoming demeanor to all those she interacts with – patients, team members, Carle providers and non-Carle providers and employees. She is the welcoming face of Carle to the other local healthcare entities and provider offices, informing them of Carle services, listening to their concerns and looking for solutions. That includes improving the process of patient orders sent to the hospital from external providers and creating referral forms for the Richland specialty clinics.

Jim Kelly, director, Epic Ambulatory Programs, Carle Health, learned to place orders so he could assist his team with print testing and training new recruits. For every location that Carle Health opens, the Epic team is present to run print testing. Kelly never hesitates to ask for additional information to understand a subject. He prioritizes, delegates and facilitates Epic change requests daily, while keeping ongoing projects productive. No one is left out when decisions are made and he supports his team with thank you notes and positive text messages.

Andreia Marrissette, certified medical assistant, Carle Foundation Hospital, takes classes to elevate her skill and knowledge and takes time to keep team members aware of new protocols. She recently improved the work-flow for Medicare wellness visits, including using pre-visit call times to ask Medicare questions to shorten appointments. Marrissette gives top-quality care to every patient and patient family member.

Lynnette Haller, RHIT, Revenue Cycle team lead, Carle BroMenn Medical Center, trains and mentors new team members who need to know revenue cycle functions. She has a solution-oriented mindset and has improved workflows in Revenue Cycle across the organization. By investigating allowance discrepancies and changing the Medicare additional documentation request process, she has reduced inaccuracies.

Amy Roady, corporate communications partner, Carle Health, is quick to offer assistance or guidance to team members needing support or trying to learn about a particular project or topic. She’s always growing, learning and willing to take on new challenges. Roady took the lead on human resources guides, providing new Carle team members with easy-to-comprehend information.

“Each of these team members works hard every day to be sure that everyone they come into contact with at Carle Health has an experience that is second to none,” Green said. “We thank them for their commitment and dedication to our patients and communities and congratulate them for achieving Pinnacle Award recognition.”

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