Rumi Stars

What is Rumi Stars? 
Rumi Awards Stars is a talent competition platform where talents including singers, musicians and dancers from around the globe can participate to perform on a single stage for selected judges, Rumi Awards, and global audiences to vote. 
How are the votes calculated at the Rumi Stars? 
The voting process is calculated based on the following weight: 
Public Votes Online & Live: 25%
Rumi Awards Management: 25%
Judges Votes Live: 50%
How to Register? 
Simply register and then click on Dashboard  menu where you can Submit Listing or submit your profile and details. 
How many singers , musicians & dancers represent a country at Rumi Stars? 
Up to 15 singers and dancers from a country can participate in first round/season. 
Are there other options to register? 
You can work with your Country Host to register or you can register directly with Rumi Stars on this webiste to become a Rumi Stars candidate. 
Is there any fee to participate at Rumi Stars? 
No, there is no fee associated to participate at the Rumi Stars.
What is the responsibility of a Country Host in Rumi Stars? 
A country host represents the singers and dancers in a country. S/he selects the singers and dancers, introduces them on live broadcast and advocates for the talents he/she represents. S/he aims to influence the judges as well as the public during the live broadcast. 
Reach out to Rumi Awards to become a Country Host at the Rumi Stars.
How often the segments are broadcast live? 
Every week a group of singers & dancers from different countries will appear on the Rumi Stars world class stage to perform. 
Who are the judges and how do they get selected at the Rumi Stars?
Each country may have a representative judge at the Rumi Stars. Some of the judges rotate; however, there will be some judges who may appear each week or stay permenantly. The judges will be selected by public and Rumi Awards.
What will the finalist win? 
The Rumi Awards and Rumi Stars team will promote the winner(s) for a period of one year on its social media sites with close to a million followers. Other reward options including monetary reward is being worked and will be announced accordingly.
When will the first seasion start? 
The first season of Rumi Stars will be announced on Rumi Awards Facebook page as the team gets closer to the live event broadcast. 
How about talents' performances and songs? 
Once a singer and/or dancer is selected, s/he will be provided with details on the songs, performances and appearance(s). 
Where will the live broadcast be aired, streamed, and syndicated?
The live broadcast will be streamed live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Smart TVs, Roku and many other video platforms, all at the same time, reaching possibly 10s of millions of viewers.