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(KNSI) – St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis has named this year’s winners of the Rock-On Award.

During the Granite City Days opening ceremony, they will be presented with their awards. The event is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Thursday at St. Cloud State University.

The Rock-On Awards are given to individuals or groups in the St. Cloud community who have demonstrated outstanding civic participation, leadership and achievements.

This year’s winners are:

Dr. Sangeeta Jha
Sangeeta teaches Sociology, Anthropology, Gerontology, and Women’s Studies at SCTCC. Besides teaching, Sangeeta serves on several committees and initiatives both on- and off-campus with Create CommUNITY, including Jugaad Leadership. She volunteers in several community organizations building relationships and conversations.

Mohayadin Mohamed
Mohayadin is the President of the Islamic Center of St. Cloud. Mohayadin has hosted many community events and neighborhood meetings for several years. He is instrumental in building relationships with one of St. Cloud’s most historic neighborhoods. Through food and conversations, Mohayadin has brought people together to create a better understanding of each other and strengthen our community.

St. Cloud VA Healthcare System
For almost 100 years, the St. Cloud VA Healthcare System has been serving veterans from Minnesota to provide several benefits for those who fought for our country. The VA strives for excellence, respect, advocacy, and commitment. In addition to serving veterans’ healthcare needs, they have partnered with several community and veterans organizations to serve those who have served.

Kathy Dewes
In 2020, Kathy took it upon herself to clean up the flower beds in front of the Police Department after the proud gardener noticed too many weeds. Kathy was permitted to start revitalizing the roughly 700 square feet of flower beds and has been doing so every year since. She was gifted a fountain to be placed in the flower beds to recognize her service. The fountain was recently delivered to the police department and will be officially unveiled in the coming weeks.


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