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Tye Tribbett is a charismatic, spirited, and brilliantly innovative award-winning gospel music artist, songwriter, and producer. He does not confine himself to presenting gospel music linearly. Instead, he expresses his faith and gift of music by incorporating various genres and styles.

Tribbett’s artistry is boundless and presents praise songs in various musical textures. For his latest album, All Things New, taken from Revelation 21:5 one moment, listeners will feel they’re in a sweltering Baptist church in the summer listening to soul-stirring gospel hymn with a full choir and then immersed into an orchestral production as grandiose as a Broadway musical. He fuses hip-hop, gospel, soul, blues, and African elements to give his faith-based music fans a robust experience with his worship songs and celebrating the love of God.

“I made this album to fight against the feeling of defeat in light of everything we have all been through these past few years,” says the Grammy winner. “I wanted to put a joyful experience out in the world to remind not just me but all of us that there is still beauty to the world.” He continues, “Like my first single, New says, ‘We not dead, we livin… Newer times for newer gifts.’ Hopefully, we can use a jubilant album to renew and refresh our souls!”

Tribbett’s thirty-plus career in music and ministry has immensely impacted his sales, which exceed “1.3 million units across six (6) commercially released albums (2004-2017),” according to his bio. He maintains 399,002 monthly listeners on Spotify and 376,000 subscribers on YouTube. For his latest album, the Camden, New Jersey native collaborated with gospel heavyweights like PJ Morton, Kierra Sheard, Mali Music, Jekalyn Carr, and Zacardi Cortez. Single tracks from his album, New, All Things New, and Walk By Faith, have been streamed 4,663,154 times.

Tonight’s broadcast of the 38th Stellar Gospel Music Awards, an event that recognizes the contributions of artists who have advanced the gospel music industry, was taped live at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas and is hosted by Grammy award winners Jonathan McReynolds and Tasha Cobbs-Leonard. Tribbett will close the show with a caliber performance with Kirk Franklin and Israel Houghton. The program, syndicated in over 140 markets nationwide, will air on the newly launched Stellar TV Network.

Yolanda Baruch: You held a live recording of All Things New at the Dr. Phillips Center. What feedback did you receive about that night?

Tye Tribbett: Everybody pretty much felt the same way, including myself. It connected with everybody on a very real level, and it was an amazing and unique experience.

Baruch: Can you describe this album’s impact on your listeners?

Tribbett: From family members to people posting online, the music brings so much energy in life that it brings them out of a dark place every time they hear it. Every time I listen to something, it moves me out of a low place. Someone said they were in college and thinking about dropping out —wasn’t doing well, the album came out [and] gave her the energy, strength, and hope to finish. She posted her picture of her graduation, and I’m like, ‘Oh, my goodness.’ So that is the intent, motive, and reason why I do what I do to bring people out of a hopeless place and bring them to a place of hope.

Baruch: I wonder if you’ve heard Bow Wow’s comments at the BET Awards that today’s hip hop is trash. What kind of opportunity does that present for contemporary gospel music artists like yourself?

Tribbett: I didn’t hear about that. But I think it gives us a great opportunity. If we are authentic, we have the most real message that everybody needs, whether they know it or not. So, I think our advantage is always our message and the method may vary. That’s where we got to be creative; that’s where we got to be relevant. But the message everybody needs, whether they know it or not. So we have an amazing opportunity right now, more than ever before.

Baruch: You have ten Stellar Awards nominations; how important is it to you for this level of recognition for your work?

Tribbett: It’s very cool. I’m grateful to be recognized and honored on this level so far. I was very excited to hear that.

Baruch: What keeps you coming back to this award show? Why is it still exciting to you?

Tribbett: Because it’s the only representation of gospel music we have on this level and the only one we’ve had since its inception. So that’s why it’s important for me to show up as much as I can.

Baruch: As the longest-running Black music awards show on television, why do you think the show has lasted so long? Especially in a culture that’s so antagonistic toward the word of God?

Tribbett: Gospel music is not just the word of God; it’s hope, and everybody realizes they need it when [they] come through hard times. If you got a sudden death in your family, laid off, [or] broken. I mean, R&B, and no shade to R&B, but [it] can meet you where you are. But the real healing takes place in the message of what we present, and that’s always going to be the center point of our community.

Baruch: You are joining Kirk Franklin’s The Reunion Tour with The Clark Sisters, David and Tamela Mann, Israel Houghton, New Breed, The Family, and God’s Property. How did the idea come together?

Tribbett: Kirk’s first song that everybody recognized was “The Reason Why I Sing, ” his first hit. I think that song turns 30 years old this year, so he was thinking along those lines, “Like, wow, the first song was a hit; it’s 30 years old; what can I do?” He started thinking maybe I can take it back and grab some friends who [were] making some noise during that era and that time as well. He called me and told me, and I kept putting him off [because] I was working on the All Things New Part Two tour. Until finally, it was okay; I’ll do it.

Baruch: Can you give a little teaser on what people can expect?

Tribbett: Well, you’re definitely going to get worship. I know that nostalgia is going to take your heart, mind, and spirit to a place where you remember where you are in God. The style of the music alone is going to refresh you [and] the energy of the night. You know I’m coming with that up my sleeve, that worship and that word; you already know how I’m going do it. So that’s our intention through the music; I’m excited about it.

The Stellar Awards Red Carpet Special pre-show will be televised on Sunday, July 30, at 5 pm ET, followed by The 38th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards telecast at 6 pm ET. The ceremony will also air on BET from August 7 through September 10, 2023.

For more information, visit www.thestellarawards.com.

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