UMaine Ph.D. student and Maine Big Night founder wins award from … – University of Maine

The National Wildlife Federation has awarded Greg LeClair, a Ph.D. student with the University of Maine’s Ecology and Environmental Sciences Program and founder of Maine Big Night, the National Conservation Young Leader Award.

According to the organization, LeClair was recognized, “for his tireless dedication to protecting wildlife through innovative solutions and collaboration throughout Maine.” His efforts including organizing Maine Big Night, a program in which participants monitor amphibian populations, identify locations where many are killed in vehicle collisions and help escort live frogs and salamanders across the road in an effort to reduce mortalities. Over the years, LeClair has recruited more than 400 volunteers and monitored more than 300 survey sites statewide, and he has collaborated with the Maine Department of Transportation to install wildlife crossings throughout the state.

Visit the National Wildlife Federation website to learn more. 

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