September 14th – 16th, 2023

Rumi Founders Awards 2023 brings record number of leaders, business professionals, media entities, founders, investors & entrepreneurs with innovative ideas from around the globe to resolve global challenges and create realistic opportunities & solutions in the center of World’s Convention & Entertainment, Las Vegas.

Founders & executives will present their strategies on resolving some of the challenges and complexities across digitalization, Urbanization, Energy (Net-Zero Initiatives), Supply Chains & Logistics.
Opportunity to learn from G20 experts & government representatives: presentations, trainings, demos & use cases.

Rumi Awards’ ONE million followers from over 50 countries are eager to learn about your innovative ideas and solutions: what used to take months or years, it may take days & weeks to generate the same or possibly better results.

Smart Investment Opportunities

Investors are increasingly seeking out infrastructure opportunities offering portfolio diversification and relatively stable cash flows generated from real assets. They are finding huge demand for their capital: As of March 2022, the G20’s Global Infrastructure Outlook initiative estimates that current investment will leave the world with a $15 trillion infrastructure funding gap by 2040.

As critical global infrastructure assets age, they need to be overhauled to allow global, national and local societies and economies to continue to function. Population growth, technological advances and changes in trade patterns are creating further demand for new infrastructure investment.

Rumi Founders Awards 2023 will bring innovative ideas, opportunities and unmatched new logos together to resolve the complexities and challenges to make the world a better place.

Red & Green Carpet Mixer Events

Thousands of business professionals, celebrities, artists, & media entities from around the globe will come together in a stunning venue in the city of Las Vegas to experience and celebrate the Rumi Founders Awards 2023. The opportunity to network and build business relations are unmatched in the center of world’s business conventions and entertainment.

The Rumi Awards is the first step to your success by creating realistic opportunities that make sense to all parties including vendors, clients, investors and partners to make the world a better place for all. The party & celebration will kickoff at the moment you step in Vegas and its memories and success stories may last for a life time.

Awards Night & Presentations

The professional management and media team affiliated with the Rumi Awards organization has created high caliber productions and shows including over 20 world class awards shows in the last decade. These creations have captured the hearts and attention of millions of lovers globally.

Speak and/or showcase your innovative idea or solution that make the world a better place and experience the recognition you deserve across continents, in over 50 countries reaching millions of live audiences.

Partner & Speaking Opportunities

The Rumi Social Media page is growing exponentially, currently at 800,000+ fans and members. The Facebook Page is receiving upwards and over 30,000 fans or “Likes” per month.

Present your solutions and innovative ideas to millions of audiences live: the live event will be streamed with up to 9 cameras across major media channels including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Rumi Awards family invites all founders to join for memorable time at the Rumi Founders Awards and Red Carpet/Mixer events in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. The world feels at home in Vegas, where people meet for a latte, a chat or simply a laugh. Life in world’s capital of business and entertainment is vivacious.

Register, send an email or simply call +1 510.552.2676 to become a speaker at Founders Awards 2023 Las Vegas.