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Norya Aabsharan was born in 3rd of May 1974 in Kuduz Province, Afghanistan.  She graduated from Zarghoona High School in 1988 with a high degree. After passing the entrance exam, she successfully admitted to Kabul Medical University, Facultey of Curative Medicine. She had started writing poetry from the tenth class ofschool, she started studying books from the fourth class of school; I well remember the first book I borrowed from the school library was Maxim Gorky  Literature. When the school librarian handed over the book next day,  he could not believe that a fourth-grader would read a book overnight.  During her faculty, she continued to read and write poetry and social articles. On the fourth year of medical college the civil war begun in Afghanistan, so she couldn't continue her lessons but Norya joined a medical clinic to help the wounded and injured people. Six months later, she went to Late Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan Hospital, as a volunteered medical student to help and treat the wounded of war . She worked there for more than two years . During the wars, in 1994, their classes started again. during her faculty studies, she injured on her head due to rocket explosion. After two months, she joined the class again, and passed the exams of the term but the exam passed orally, because she could not write for while due to injuries of the right hand. After passing the exam orally, she finished the fifth year of medical college in 1994, in  December of that year she went to Peshawar . In Peshawar, she worked as volunteer Social worker in Nejat Center to treat the addicted people in puby camps and Khurasan cam of Afghan immigrants. She enjoyed working with addicts because she connected with the community, she treated anyone who was addicted and wanted to be treated for free at home as well. But she never even revealed their names to their families, because that was the demand of medicine, and humanity. In 2000, she moved to Karachi, Pakistan, where she treated addicts and internal diseases patients for free for one year. She never  took the patient's fee, said;  that there was no greater happiness for her than healing the patient. She had a large written book ready for publication at the time, but when she returned to Peshawar from Karachi, her book burned in a fire. because her right hand was still unable to write and she was tired of writing by hand so she postponed it to another time. She returned to Kabul in 2002, but never went to the hospital, she said; It is peaceful environment now and people can easily find a doctor in the hospital, but the society is wounded and sick, so our society should be treated. She worked in few NGO'S to be helpful for Social category  and the spiritual healing of the community. In 2006 she started working in Handicap and conducted a survey all over  Afghanistan to find out the number of disabled people in Afghanistan.  She traveled to different provinces, but one thing made her special, traveling without a man from the family! She was the first woman in Afghanistan to survey after war and non-war disabled people without a religious Muharram. She was asked why she was not afraid and go alone; I am strong no needed a man to secure me. In those years, the Taliban had just left, and she was not afraid from civilians because she had worked in Peshawar for many years and knew civilians are too good. She seriously surveyed all the southern and northern provinces. After survey she worked as Handicap International Communication Assistant. After her marriage in 2008, she worked in the administrative department at the NCPR (National Center for Policy Research)  in the campus of Kabul University, beside main tasks she designed some of publications of NCPR. She joined many seminars and conferences of other organizations,  as she was the person who organized many conferences in NCPR for other organizations. She learned computer skills in Pakistan and learned English during the civil war in Kabul. Her connection with addicted is continued still for free and  writing of her articles and poems never stopped. Since 2012, she has devoted all her time to writing social, critical and educational articles. But the only reference is Facebook. She has never been able to publish social and literary articles to the authorities because of corruption has taken root and she has found Facebook as a place to connect with Afghanistan and the world peoples. She has passed a right breast  surgery due to breast cancer, but  nothing has stopped her from writing and communicating with people around the world. In addition to encouraging sick and desperate women, and learning  to struggle for life,  guides the younger generation. She has been working on non fair parts of tradition that need to change for years. She says; "Falling does not caused death, but the fear of falling causes death, and I am not afraid of falling, but during the fall I strengthen my wings to fly higher,"  She says: One day I will reach at the top! How? Flying at the right time and  in the right place… Career summary :  1.Feb. 2008-Aug. 2012, Office Secretary of National Centre for Policy Research (NCPR) 2. October 2006- January 2007, Communication Assistant, Handicap International France  3. March 2005- August2005 Supervisor in National Disability Survey in Afghanistan (NDSA), Handicap International France 4.February 2004-August 2005Admin Clerk, Afghan Technical Consultants (ATC) 5.October 2003Jan 2004 Receptionist, Ali Zubair Food Industry 6. March 2003- June2003, Documents Translator, National Democratic Institute (NDI)  7. June 1998-August 1998, Social Worker and Field Translator, NEJAT Center (Peshawar) Educations :  4th-5th June 2010, workshop on “Youth Leader ship Forum” (YLF) at Fried-Ebert- Stiftung (FES)  25th of April 2010, ResearchMethodology Course at NCPR  2-4 of March 2010, Human Rights Workshop, held by Peace Studies Department of National Center for Policy Research( NCPR) and Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission AIHRC  (1989-1995) 5th year student, Kabul Medical Institute, Kabul- Afghanistan (incomplete due war)  (1977-1988) Baccalaureate, Zarghoona High School, Kabul- Afghanistan Other qualifications:  September 2002; Computer literacy (Dos, Windows, Word 2002, Excel, Power Point, Internet, Corel Draw 8, Print Artist, Instant Artist.  September 2002: English Language Conversational Class Certificate ELP Course, Hayatabad Peshawar  Pakistan  Other activities and hobbies: Free writer, poet and photographer, Music, Sports..

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