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Are you a media professional who is passionate about creating positive and inspiring content? Do you want to showcase your talent and vision to a global audience? Do you want to join a network of like-minded media makers who share your values and goals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should apply for the Rumi International Media Awards 2024!

The Rumi International Media Awards are the world’s first and only awards that celebrate media excellence in the spirit of Rumi, the 13th-century poet and mystic who is widely regarded as one of the greatest literary figures of all time. The awards honor media professionals who produce content that promotes peace, love, harmony, and human dignity across cultures and religions.

The awards are open to media professionals from all fields and genres, including journalism, documentary, film, television, radio, podcast, music, photography, art, animation, and more. The awards are also open to media professionals from all countries and regions, regardless of their language, ethnicity, or background.

The awards are organized by the Rumi Awards, an organization that aims to foster a culture of creativity, diversity, and social responsibility in the media industry. The Rumi Awards also host various events and programs throughout the year, such as the Rumi World Music Festival, the Rumi International Fashion Show, and the Rumi Humanity & Science Awards among other events.

How to Apply

To win the Rumi International Media Awards, you need to impress the judges and the public. The judging process consists of two stages:

Preliminary Stage: A panel of experts and professionals from the media industry will review all the submitted projects and select the finalists for each category and subcategory. The finalists will be announced on the Rumi Awards website and social media platforms.

Final Stage: The finalists will be evaluated by a jury of distinguished media personalities and influencers, who will choose the winners for each category and subcategory. The winners will be announced at the Rumi International Media Awards ceremony, which will be held in a prestigious venue and broadcasted live online.

The winners will receive a trophy, a certificate, and a cash prize. The amount of the cash prize will vary depending on the category and subcategory. The winners will also receive media exposure, recognition, and opportunities to network and collaborate with other media professionals and organizations.



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Why You Should Apply

There are many reasons why you should apply for the Rumi International Media Awards, such as:

You will have the chance to showcase your media project to a global audience and gain exposure and visibility for your work.
You will have the opportunity to compete with and learn from other media professionals who share your passion and vision.
You will have the possibility to win a prestigious award that will boost your reputation and credibility in the media industry
You will have the honor to be associated with the legacy and values of Rumi, who is a source of inspiration and wisdom for millions of people around the world.
You will have the satisfaction of contributing to the promotion of peace, love, harmony, and human dignity through your media project.

What Are You Waiting For?

The deadline for submitting your media project is March, 30th, 2023. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the Rumi International Media Awards and join the Rumi Awards family!

Apply now and let your media project shine!

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