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Business Awards UK proudly announces the recipients of the 2024 Health and Wellbeing Awards, recognizing outstanding contributions within the sector.

HALIFAX, UK, March 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Business Awards UK is excited to announce the winners and finalists of the 2024 Health and Wellbeing Awards, showcasing the outstanding efforts and innovations of those within the health and wellbeing sector. This year’s awards highlight the significant achievements and contributions of individuals and organisations that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to enhancing health outcomes and promoting wellbeing across the UK.

Business Awards UK 2024 Health and Wellbeing Awards Winners

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Business Awards UK 2024 Health and Wellbeing Awards Finalists

The 2024 Health and Wellbeing Awards have illuminated the diverse strengths and impactful initiatives of individuals and organisations within the health and wellbeing sector, underscoring their pivotal contributions to health enhancement and wellbeing promotion. This year’s winners have showcased remarkable innovation, dedication, and excellence, significantly impacting their communities and the sector at large.

Personal Group has been recognised for the Best Use Of Technology, setting a new benchmark in the health and wellbeing sector with their comprehensive employee benefits and wellbeing services. Their innovative approach, particularly through the Hapi platform, not only engages employees at an impressive rate but also maximises the value of benefits offered, demonstrating the transformative power of technology in enhancing workplace wellbeing.

Vita Health Group claims the title of Best Company To Work For, highlighting their dedication to improving lives through integrated health services. With over three decades of experience, Vita Health Group’s holistic approach to care and their commitment to clinicians at every organisational level underscore their leadership in advancing health and wellbeing. Their work embodies the essence of what it means to support and improve lives, marking a significant contribution to the sector.

Sol Gilbert, awarded Personal Trainer of the Year, epitomises the individual dedication and innovation that drives the health and wellbeing sector forward. Gilbert’s SGUT system and his holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing have not only transformed his clients’ lives but also set a high standard for personal training. His commitment to achieving fast, impactful results through comprehensive training methods serves as an inspiration to professionals across the sector.

The diversity and achievements of this year’s winners and finalists reflect the dynamic and resilient nature of the UK’s health and wellbeing sector. From technological innovation to exemplary service delivery, these accolades celebrate the commitment to excellence and the positive impact on communities across the UK.

As we look forward to the continued success and innovation of the winners and finalists, the 2024 Health and Wellbeing Awards stand as a testament to the vital role of health and wellbeing professionals and organisations in enriching lives and fostering a healthier society.

For more information about the 2024 Health and Wellbeing Awards and to learn more about the winners and their contributions, please contact Business Awards UK.

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