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In an era where Temu has enough cheddar to buy multiple Super Bowl ads, Cher is teaching the next generation at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles that it is very cool to keep things for long periods of time— well, as long as they’re not falling apart after a few uses. Introduced by her pal Meryl Streep and serenaded by Jennifer Hudson (singing “​​If I Could Turn Back Time”), Cher accepted the Icon Award the only way she knows how: by belting out “Believe” in a familiar outfit. After the song, she proudly explained to the crowd her hypothetical intrusive thoughts about her look, proving that she actually does run her own Twitter. “There are people, probably some place, who have said, ‘Doesn’t that bitch have more than one pair of pants?’ I’ve had these pants for forty years,” the sustainable queen said to cheers and applause. Icons are not afraid to be outfit repeaters. She’s true to her word— she’s worn what looks like to be Chrome Hearts pants as recently as 2023, 2021, and a few times in 2013. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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