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The day of love is upon us! Valentine’s Day offers a special opportunity to celebrate queer love in its infinite forms and we’ve compiled a list of shows that embody just that. Whether you’re snuggled up with your boo, your bestie, or a box of chocolates, settle in for a binge-worthy GLAAD Media Award-nominated series. 

Have you ever dreamed of living in an idyllic lesbian town? There’s just one catch— the fictional Deadloch off the coast of Tasmania has a killer on the loose who’s targeting straight cis white men. In this feminist whodunnit series, two female detectives reluctantly take charge of the investigation together: the fastidious lesbian senior sergeant Dulcie Collins, and the brash and reckless detective Eddie Redcliffe, aided by overeager constable Abby and unmotivated gay officer Sven. As the men start to flee as more bodies are recovered, Dulcie and Eddie work with the tight-knit Deadloch community to crack the case, tackling issues of colonialism, misogyny, homophobia and more along the way. Stream the first season now![embedded content]

Heartstopper (Netflix)

Based on non-binary and aromantic asexual author Alice Oseman’s best-selling graphic novels, Heartstopper brings to life the story of British teens Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson, whose unlikely friendship blossoms into something more. With exams on the horizon, a school trip to Paris, and a prom to plan, the sophomore season of the coming-of-age series delves into the students’ ever-growing queer friend group, introducing Elle’s new art college friends Felix (trans actor Ash Self) and Naomi (trans actor Bel Priestley). Beloved lesbian couple Darcy and Tara face unforeseen challenges, Elle (trans actress Yasmin Finney) and Tao work out if they can ever be more than just friends, and Isaac explores his new-found asexual identity. Watch the first two seasons today and stay tuned for the next chapter, coming later in 2024![embedded content]

Love Trip: Paris (Freeform)

Don’t worry dating show fans, we’ve got you covered! Love Trip: Paris hits all the beats of classic reality TV with cocktail parties, one-on-one dates, group events, and tough decisions. Four American girls, unlucky in love in their own country, move into a penthouse in the middle of Paris to find a floor of French suitors waiting to date them. Flipping the script on traditional dating show formats, Love Trip offers contestants the chance to find love in a structure that embraces all sexual orientations and gender identities. Meet the inclusive cast of hopefuls: Lacy, a 29-year-old sexually fluid mental health podcaster; Josielyn, a 26-year-old bisexual trans woman model; Caroline, a 26-year-old genderqueer lesbian personal trainer; and Rose, a 25-year-old real estate agent who is ready to find her husband. Binge the first season now!

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With record-breaking anti-LGBTQ legislation aimed at queer youth and education systems sweeping the nation, it is more important than ever to depict queer love in children’s, kids, and family programming. The new animated series Monster High, based on Mattel’s fashion doll franchise of the same name, welcomes monsters of all identities into the hallowed halls of Monster High. The fantasy comedy follows Frankie Stein, Draculaura, and Clawdeen Wolf, as well as other children of famous mythological monsters as they navigate the hilarity and hijinks of high school. Frankie (iris menas), the child of mad scientists Dr. and Dr. Stein, is an awkward non-binary genius who develops a crush on their friend Cleo. Shipped as “Clankie” by fans, the pair explore their budding relationship and ultimately go to the Monster Ball together! Don’t miss the debut season. [embedded content]

Our Flag Means Death (Max)

18th century queer pirates. If that’s not enough to sell you on Our Flag Means Death I don’t know what will. The series loosely follows the tale of “Gentleman Pirate” Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby), an aristocrat who abandons his comfortable life of privilege and gluttony to become the captain of The Revenge. Struggling to earn the respect of his mutinous crew, Stede’s fortune changes after a fateful run-in with the notorious Captain Blackbeard (Taika Waititi). As a slow-burn relationship ensues between the two captains, the entire crew of misfits transform into an intimate chosen family who consistently stand by each other, even in the most dire of circumstances. Stream both seasons today! 

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Sex Education (Netflix)

Following in his mother’s footsteps, socially-awkward teen Otis Milburn sets up a sex therapy clinic at the fictional Moordale Secondary School. Over the course of four seasons, Sex Education introduces a bevy of queer students, including Otis’s best friend Eric, the son of Ghanaian-Nigerian immigrants. In the final season, the Mooredale crew adjusts to the progressive Cavendish Sixth Form College, where Otis competes with a rival asexual sex therapist, Sarah “O” Owens. Here, Eric contends with his identity as he enters a whole new world of LGBTQ peers—including queer and trans it couple Abbi and Roman and bisexual polyamorous student Aisha— forcing him to reevaluate his relationship with faith and friendship with Otis. The season also highlights returning trans character Cal, delving deeper into their identity as they find comfort in fellow trans and non-binary students and unwavering support from their new community. Stream the entire series now!

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Sin huellas / No Traces (Prime Video)

In the mood for a high-energy crime comedy? Sin huellas follows two women marginalized by society but bonded by friendship: lesbian Romani cleaner Desi and fellow Mexican workmate Cata. They are employees of a cleaning company. Well, they used to be. Desi and Cata were asked to clean the mansion of the Rosellós, one of the most powerful families in Alicante. Everything was going well until they found a woman’s dead body. Horror. Panic. Call the Police. But after the initial shock, Cata and Desi clean the crime scene, leaving it spotless… and making them the perfect suspects. Soon, the police, Russian hitmen, a family of millionaires, and an ex-husband with a mariachi band are all after them. Find out what happens in Sin huellas season one![embedded content]

Swedish dark-comedy Tore may not be your average love story, but it is sure to tug at your heartstrings. The feel-good-and-bad series examines the universal struggle of coping with grief and processing trauma. Tore is a 27-year-old gay man who is deeply insecure, aimless, and naive. When he loses his father in a tragic accident, Tore completely dissociates and slips into the adult world of hedonism, running away from his pain while trying to figure out who really he is. During the days, he continues to work at his father’s funeral home as if nothing has happened and starts flirting with the new florist. At night, he establishes himself on a gay boat in the city and experiences alcohol, sex and drugs for the first time. As Tore continues to tailspin out of control, he stumbles onto a journey of discovery, maturation, acceptance, and self-love. Check out Tore today![embedded content]

TRANSworld Atlanta (Tubi)

Welcome to Atlanta, where trans men Malik Brown, Ja’Mel Ashely, Shon Jackson, and Nick Devereux push through adversity, love, and life, no longer willing to hide in the shadows of hatred or hostility. This ground-breaking reality-docuseries takes viewers on a journey through a world where transgender men give birth to babies and love conquers all. Become educated on the myths and legends that surround the Black trans community while trudging through the men’s relationships, marriages, and inner truths. Watch TRANSworld Atlanta on Tubi! 

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What We Do in the Shadows (Hulu)

Just when you thought vampires couldn’t get any gayer, the utterly hilarious horror-mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows proves you wrong. The series follows the nightly exploits of Staten Island vampires Nandor the Relentless, Leslie “Laszlo” Cravensworth, Nadja of Antipaxos, and Colin Robinson. What We Do in the Shadows watches the clan clash with the modern world, other supernatural beings, and/or each other, alongside the loveable yet calculated gay human familiar Guillermo de la Cruz (queer actor Harvey Guillén). Roommates for hundreds and hundreds of years, the vampires have found a home in each other for eternity. The entire groups’ sexual fluidity is seamlessly woven into the fabric of this world, including that of the polyamorous couple Nadja and Lazlo. In the latest season, the vampires help neighbor Sean host a Pride parade, Nadja reconnects with her roots, Colin runs for office, Nandor and Laszlo have a night out, and more! Catch up now before the premiere of the sixth and final season.[embedded content]

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